Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 3rd July 2019 Written Update: Rohit goes to meet Sonakshi at midnight!

Today’s episode opens with Sonakshi yelling at the ladies who was talking about her. She scolds her hair dresser too and asks her to go and get all the stuffs ready. Netra asks her what happened. Sona recalls Rohit’s words and goes away.

Veena checks Rohit and says he is having fever. Ajit and Yk gets happy. Venna in the kitchen instructs Vimmi and others to prepare the medicine fast. Ajit says Simmi has called from the hospital. She talks to her and says Rohit is having fever and he will take rest today.

There, Rohan tells Tanya about Rohit’s fever. Tanya asks him where he was last night. The duo does the argument. Rohan goes away.

YK and everyone talks about Rohit and his watch confusion. Meanwhile, house servant’s run with medicines and foods to his room. Venna takes care of Rohit. Naren asks Vimmi about Rohit’s fever. She tells him its 102. Naren says he will check him. Ajit stops Naren from meeting Rohit and says whenever Rohit suffers from fever only Venna can cure it. Tanya and Rohan come to the dining table. They bet on what Venna must be doing next for Rohit. They ask Vimmi what she is taking. She says Tulsi concoction.  Nisha wons the bet and takes the money. Hari takes soup and this time YK wins the bet. Nisha says is Rohit is really ill or what. Tanya says they should worry for him instead of doing time pass. Otherside, Sona tells Netra about Rohit and his blame of stealing his watch. She freaks out. Netra hears her talk.

Venna checks Rohit’s fever comes down. Rohit sees his watch and thinks about Sona.

Showbiz editor checks to create buzz from the news they fetched from hospital inauguration. He orders to print the news.

Pulkit comes with the coffee to share a talk with Sonakshi. He asks about last night incident. The duo talks to each other. Later, Sona tells to Pulkit that she met with the Karan at the hospital. Pulki gets shocked.

Rohit gets restless and recalls his past. He again thinks about Sona and says he will get his watch back. Rohit asks about Sonakshi’s address from YK.

Pulkit gets angry hearing Sona. Sona asks to forget and gets emotional. Pulkit tries to make her understand. Sonakshi gets a message from Rohit.

Pulkit opens the door and sees Rohit. Sonakshi asks why he is at her home at midnight. Rohit talks about his watch. He says he wants to cross-check the watch serial number. Sona says she will show him watch when he will apologize to her. Rohit says he won’t do that. Sona closes the door. He says to show him the watch it will just take a second. She asks him to come in the morning at 9 she will show him the watch.

Rohit recalls his words the way he told her to meet her fan during visiting hour. Rohit agrees and says he too will wait till morning and will stay here. Rohit sees her name plate and calls her drama queen.

Sonakshi from her window sees Rohit. Netra comes and greets him. She asks why he is here. Rohit says he came to meet her heroine. Netra says than he should go to her house why he is waiting outside. Rohit says he got an appointment for 9.AM tomorrow. He says to Netra if she doesn’t get an appointment to meet Sona now than she too can join him. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rohit comes at Sonakshi’s house and shows her the breaking news. He faints at her doorstep. Pulkit and Sona bring him inside, meanwhile media knocks at Sonakshi’s door. Sonakshi gets tensed.