Radhakrishn: Saath Na Hoke Bhi Saath Hai Jo!

Star Bharat’s hit mythological show Radhakrishna is now at a very interesting turning in the storyline of the show. Radha has been married to the evil Ayan yet the destiny seems to make her closer to Lord Krishna always. Even after they have given up on their love to save the dignity of her family and fulfill their duties, the fate is telling them true love is not in possessing one to be wedded partner, but it is in giving what can be given to each other selflessly.

In a way, they are apart from each other but yet they never have been this together into anything then they are now. As we all are aware, all of them are in sage Durvasa’s hermitage to provide him with benevolent help and services from their end. In the recent episode of the show, Kans tried to make Radha fall in danger by using his asur Darkasur to awaken sage Durvasa which plan flopped at the end due to Krishna’s intervention.

Now in the upcoming episode, Radha will be appointed to guard sage Durvasa while he meditates and while she goes to fulfill her assigned duty Lord Krishna tells her about how their destinies are trying to bring them closer to each other. Radha accompanies Krishna to protect sage Durvasa and they work together not to let any harm and disturbance come to his way while he prays and meditates. Ayan will burn in anger and in his enraged state he will try to disrupt Radha and Krishna guarding sage Durvasa together. Later in the episode, we will see all the Brahmins criticizing Ayan for his obnoxious and arrogant behavior.

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