Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd February 2024 Written Update: Dyaneswari misunderstands Virat

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dyaneswari recalling about Ishika’s words and thinks if Ishika was telling the truth or not. Dyaneswari sees Amruta and Virat playing the game together.

Virat drops the lemon before he crosses the finish line. Virat says to everyone that he won. Bhavani and Jahan remind Virat that he dropped the lemon before crossing the finish line so the winner is Gautham. Gautham says to Virat better luck next time and leaves from there.

Virat blames Amruta for losing this round. Virat and Amruta sit on the bench. Amruta complaints to Virat that they are losing this round because of him. Amruta says to Virat that she is trying to match his height but he is not caring about her and he is taking long steps so she slipped and lost her balance. Amruta comments on Virat.

Dyaneswari looks at Virat and Amruta together. Dyaneswari thinks Virat is interested in Amruta.

Harsh comes and sits beside Dyaneswari. Dyaneswari says to Harsh that they should never trust a person who divorces his wife. Dyaneswari says to Harsh that a person who doesn’t respect his own wife cannot respect other women. Harsh thinks Dyaneswari is speaking about Jayesh and thinks Dyaneswari knows the whole truth. Harsh leaves from there. Harsh comes to Bhavani and says to Bhavani that Dyaneswari knows the truth about Jayesh and Ishika. Bhavani gets stunned hearing this.

Babita calls Deepika and asks Deepika to get ready as they have to go to the Makar Sankranthi celebrations. Deepika agrees. Babita decides to reveal the truth of Amruta’s parents to Dyaneswari and teach a lesson to Amruta.

Bhavani signals Amruta and asks Amruta to come towards her. Virat sees Bhavani and says to Amruta about her. Amruta leaves from there. Bhavani reveals to Amruta that Dyaneswari knows about Jayesh and Ishika. Amruta gets shocked hearing this.

Dyaneswari scolds Bhavani and Amruta for hiding this from her. Bhavani and Amruta think Dyaneswari is talking about Jayesh and Ishika at first. Bhavani later leaves from there after a while. Amruta feels suspicious of what Dyaneswari is talking about so she asks Dyaneswari what is she talking about. Dyaneswari says she is talking about Virat being a divorcee. Amruta asks Dyaneswari how does she know about this. Dyaneswari is about to take Ishika’s name but Jahan interrupts their conversation and asks Amruta to come and play the game. Amruta agrees. Amruta asks Dyaneswari not to tell anyone that Virat is a divorcee. Dyaneswari agrees.

Tara says to Rajiv that they succeeded in their plan. Tara also says to Rajiv that she used Amruta’s Id to withdraw the amount and says she also disguised herself as Amruta so there will be no problem. Rajiv praises Tara.

The apartment people play the game of Dum Sharats. The apartment people are divided into two teams. Amruta and Virat are in the same team.

Jahan gives the movie name to Gautham and Gautham tries to convey to his team the name of the movie through signs.

Virat sees Amruta looking sad. Virat asks Amruta not to worry and says Main hoon naa. Gautham says that is the name of the movie. Jahan comments On the situation as their team is giving them question and answer also. Virat goes from Jahan’s team. Gautham gives the name Barsaat movie to Virat. Virat tries to signal his team but nobody understands the name. Virat gives a romantic pose with Amruta to make them understand the name. Babita guessed the name of the movie.

Episode ends.

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