Karthika Deepam 15th January 2022 Written Update: Mounitha gets successful in her plan of gaining support from Basti people

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The episode starts with Karthik saying Parents know kids hunger and we feel happy with your happiness and sad if you guys are sad. Sourya says grandparents may feel bad as you come far from them. Hima asks Karthik to answer. Sourya says they might be waiting for you. Hima says true, we don’t know how they are and we don’t even have phones to know about them. Karthil says I don’t have answers to some questions but I’m the reason for your current state. Sourya asks won’t he miss Peddoda calling of his Mom. Karthik asks kids to not think about them and he asks kids to ready for school.

Aruna and Lakshman hold Mounitha’s feet and thank her for saving her life. Mounitha says it’s her duty as a Doctor. Lakshman says you’re great but we failed to see it because of our love for Deepa. Lakshman offers a fee to her but Mounitha denies saying she has money. Lakshman and Aruna says they will support her and leaves. Mounitha thinks your fans are becoming my fans Deepa akka.

Rudrarani slaps her men to close the kitchen as she remembers Deepa’s courage seeing it and we will open it when I get their daughter. Her men ask why she is behind their kids. Rudrarani says mole on Rangaraju back may give Rajyogam and Hima is reminding my mother so I will adopt both of them so we can open the kitchen when they comes to our place.

Karthik misses his parents and he feels emotional. Deepa asks him what happened. Karthil says everyone is getting punished because of his one mistake. Deepa asks him to not think about a past mistake. Karthik says we left home but new questions are arising in kids hearts and he tells her about Kids questions and how he failed to answer them, I never made you happy and don’t know what I achieved in life, I thought I ran away from the world and Mounitha but those shadows are coming behind me and I didn’t realize it may hurt our family if I donate all wealth to someone and come here.

Apparao blushes seeing his phone. Karthik asks what he is doing. Apparao shows his phone to him and calls Mounitha as heroine and praises her then he asks Karthik why he didn’t try as hero as he looks good too. Karthik serves food on time to customers. Apparao tells Karthik he will make it big photo and places it in hotel and makes everyone believe as she is Kannada heroine. Owner warns Apparao to work well. Karthik sees photo. Apparao tells Karthik that their pair will be awesome. Deepa thinks Rudrarani is causing hurdles to make us stop paying her loan and she eyed my kids.
Episode ends.

Precap – Karthik sees the pain of his parents at clinic.