Karthika Deepam 21st January 2021 Written Update: Family gets worried with Karthik strange behaviour

Karthika Deepam 21st January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Karthik replies strangely to his parents questions. Aditya Rao asks who told you and what you believed. Karthik says Deepa is the one who told me some cock and bull stories from my past like investigation officer. Aditya asks Karthik to leave the matter. Karthik says I left her too but she is not leaving me. Soundarya says Deepa have hope to show the truth to you that’s why fighting for it. Aditya Rao asks Karthik to have food peacefully leaving his problems.

. Karthik asks where he get peace. Soundarya asks him to stsrt trusting people again than you can notice purity of world. Karthik says purity is not present where it’s needed that’s the problem. Shravya asks them to end the issue and call them to have dinner. Karthik says no, Shravya raise your son properly unlike my Mom. Soundarya says something happened to you. Karthik says few years back accident happened and that Pain is moving inside me and he goes to his room. Soundarya cries seeing his situation.

Deepa happily brings sweets to kids. Hima asks what’s special. Deepa says it’s normal to get sweets when parents goes to outside. Hima and Sourya says sweet is good. Sourya asks why you looks so happy. Deepa thinks it’s easy to prove her innocence if Mounitha goes from Karthik life, hope he investigate Hima death matter so he can know the Mounitha reality and she smiles happily.

Kids asks why she is smiling. Deepa says she is waiting for the day where they can unite and expresses in poetry. Hima sats Mom you’re saying poetry, you told me that Dad don’t like it. Deepa says she won’t go near things their Dad won’t like, I will remember it. Sourya asks why she is sad again. Deepa says it’s common so eat these sweets. Deepa thinks Karthik may told it to Mounitha, hope she won’t change the truth.

Mounitha gets scared thinking if past truth will come out? I never thought this Anji will reveal to Deepa, now Karthik won’t believe Deepa words but what if Anji reveals truth to Karthik and he believes it so I must eliminate Anji before he reveals truth to Karthik even though it’s risky.

Deepa prays to god and says My husband is God who married me seeing my inner beauty but our marriage life ended very soon than I blessed with kid, I thought I can live with her than I got to know I have another kid and after many days I got to know one truth from Anji like Sanjivani,I’m hoping Karthik will found the truth so please eliminate hate for me in Doctor babu heart than only he will believe my words otherwise this chance may go waste and hope he enquire about the matter to found the truth, so bless our family and protect us from Mounitha evil plans.

Soundarya goes to give Tea to Karthik. AnandRao asks why are you going to his room? Did you forget how he blamed you last night. Soundarya says he won’t say anything, always he is the one who apologize to me first after issue and she goes to Karthik room but she notices room is empty and she tells to husband about it and they thinks where Karthik gone in the early morning.