Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st January 2021 Written Update: Shera founds Malhar is alive through his team members

Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Shera takes Kalyani to outhouse. Kalyani asks why Malhar ji will hides idols in outhouse. They goes inside. Moksh mixes something in food, Avni sees him and asks what he mixed in food. Moksh says nothing. Avni warns him to dip in bucket of water if he won’t reveal the truth. Moksh shouts for help. Anupriya saves Moksh and asks Avni how can she do it with kid. Avni says this kid mixed poison in food. Anupriya says I trust Moksh, he won’t do it. Avni asks her to eat it. Godavari says she too trust Moksh than they tastes the food.

Kalyani says you’re thief so try to trace the map. Shera asks Kalyani about locked box. Kalyani says she don’t know than Shera opens the lock of box. Kalyani thinks why it’s so dark. Anupriya, Godavari,Moksh finishes whole food than Moksh reveals he just added some salt for taste. Godavari says kid is fooled you easily. Anupriya says at this place food is prepared for everyone and today everything is over Except salt for you so have it. Avni goes out angrily.

Shera asks Kalyani to see inside with help of stool. Kalyani fell inside box like tunnel, Shera to enters the tunnel but he gets tensed seeing darkness. Kalyani switches on the lights and notices Vitthal idol. Shera about to touch idol but he gets shock. Kalyani says seems like Malhar used electrical security and she asks Shera to lift her so she can turn off power. Shera happily lifts her. Kalyani goes out.

Moksh asks why are you not talking with Aifi, she is feeling bad. Anupriya gets tears and says don’t ask me questions which I can’t answer. Moksh wipes her tears and says he can’t see them in tears and Aifi will trace the secrets very soon because she is intelligent. Powers goes off. Anupriya thinks what’s happening. Kalyani goes inside tunnel and notices idol and Shera are missing than she comes out.

Next day Kalyani goes to Tony place and asks him about Shera. Tony says he don’t know. Kalyani warns to beat him than Tony says believe me Bhabhi, I don’t know that time Godavari calls Kalyani and asks her about Malhar. Kalyani says he is not Malhar and explains everything how Shera is missing from last night. Anupriya says how will Kalyani search Shera alone and she goes to search him asking Godavari to take care of Moksh.

Kalyani tells Pawar that she wants to meet commissioner immediately. Pawar asks what happened. Kalyani tells to Pawar that how she took imposter help and how he is missing from last night with idol. Avni plans to spoil Sarthak health with wrong medicines to make Anupriya gets blamed for his condition.

Anupriya reaches to big jewellery store thinking Shera may come here to sell it if he stole that idol. Shera comes out from that shop. Anupriya asks where you went from last night? You acted like helping Kalyani to steal this idol, Malhar won’t leave you if he found it. Shera says Malhar is dead than how will he know. Anupriya goes aside. Shera says I know you’re hiding some truth from everyone, that day Malhar didn’t died right? because when I woke up I saw Masked men with idol Infront of me in new place. Anupriya asks if he saw Malhar. Shera says so it’s confirmed that Malhar is not dead, what you’re hiding? I didn’t met Malhar but met the two people who are working with Malhar in this idols case and got to know info from them that Malhar is alive and acting like dead to catch idol culprit’s. Shera asks them where is Malhar. those Men says they didn’t see Malhar from one month.

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