Karthika Deepam 30th June 2022 Written Update: Jwala sees Nirupam and Hima in the temple and misunderstands them

Karthika Deepam 30th June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Nirupam saying he will tie mudupu if he married Hima without any problems. Hima says the marriage has not yet happened. Nirupam says it will happen soon. Hima says then she will tie praying so that he will marry Jwala.

Nirupam asks if she hasn’t forgotten about it. Hima says it’s the wish in her heart. Nirupam calls for the pandit. Nirupam asks the Pandit to bless them. Pandit does and Hima asks if she has a wish on her heart. Pandit blesses so that her wish may come true. Nirupam says they have conflicting wishes and they want to tie mudupu.

The Pandit says wishing is human’s nature. You both tie your prayers and leave the rest to God. Jwala says she hasn’t come here for you says seeing God. Jwala thinks if she should wait while the customer comes back. Jwala decides to take the bag and look for the customer. Jwala sees Hima and Nirupam talking. Nirupam and Hima argue who should first tie the mudupu.

Anandrao asks Soundarya what should they do. Soundarya says she doesn’t know. Soundarya says we have to improve the relationship between Hima and Jwala. Anandrao says while doing it if she knows we will be the bad guy infront of Sourya. Soundarya says by God’s luck she has a friendship with Sourya and she can try it.

Hima thinks of what to do to make Nirupam and Sourya’s marriage. Hima thinks Soundarya might make it happen. Nirupam thinks there is Hima’s car outside so Hima might be inside. Nirupam sees Hima in the reception. The nurse calls Hima as if she is a patient. The nurse says sorry madam Nirupam sir asked me to call you into his cabin like this. Hima asks Nirupam about it. Nirupam says you sat in the patient’s place so I thought to tease you. Hima says she is really a patient.

Nirupam says sorry to Hima. Nirupam asks Hima who is Jwala and why is their relationship so close. Hima says she might not live many days and says Hima loves him. Nirupam says I love you and I also said it to Jwala. Nirupam says he doesn’t understand why she insists that he marry Hima. Nirupam gives an example and says Jwala is also going to be like this. Hima says Jwala will not be like this.

Nirupam asks who she is and why she is giving this much importance to her. Hima says she is her friend and her master and asks if he has any questions. Hima thinks if she should tell Nirupam Jwala is Sourya. Hima thinks she has to take Soundarya’s help to marry Nirupam and Jwala. Jwala thinks of what she saw in the temple. Jwala thinks of Hima and how much she trusted her even if she doesn’t know her name. Soundarya and

Anandrao comes to talk to Jwala and see Jwala. Soundarya sees the broken glass on the floor. Anandrao asks what is this. Jwala says this is my heart and it is broken like this. Soundarya says she will say something. Jwala asks if it is a life lesson. Soundarya says who are we to give you life lessons.

Anandrao asks what is this. Jwala says then what will she do. This is the life we can’t forget that easily giving an example. Jwala says do you know they are tying mudupu in the temple. She might think she made a fool of me. Anandrao asks her forget her. Jwala says it will not happen. Anandrao says we will find a good match for you. Jwala says she has thought Nirupam as her husband and she can’t think of other persons in that place.

Episode ends.

Precap – Hima holds Jwala’s hand and Jwala asks her to leave her hand. Hima says she has to say something. Jwala asks what are you going to say. Are you going to say how you made a fool out of me and how you stole my love. Hima says she will tell her not to stop loving Nirupam.