Karthika Deepam 8th February 2021 Written Update: Deepa feels elated with Karthik wishes

Karthika Deepam 8th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Karthik says Dad born from Trust not sympathy and I lost that trust before your kids born and my heart is tired their is no medicine for it and I don’t have any hopes for future. Deepa says I have hopes and our kids future is important to me at this time, you won’t trust medical exams even though you’re doctor and I don’t know how to prove my trust, don’t know who’s responsible for it. Karthik says I wish Hima were alive than everything maybe different, I’m changed man because of you.

Deepa says you lost your trust but not doing anything to gain that trust. Karthik questions why she didn’t tried to prove her innocence 10years back without leaving home? that time you’re busy with poetry that’s why our life’s are ruined and i revealed truth to family after doing medical tests only and I never asked you to leave home.

Deepa says my respect on you is increased more after this open talk and I’m not saying your point Is wrong but I will prove it that I’m innocent and we have kids. Karthik says I will be the happy man if you can prove it but, he wishes her all the best as her Doctor babu and tells her that he wants to win her trust and leaves. Deepa feels happy.

Anji cleans car while reminscing his recent encounter with Mounitha and he thinks noone is thinking about Mounitha except Deepa mam, seems like Doctor babu promised her to marry that’s why she got this much confidence and i will Mounitha at Mandap only if Doctor babu wants to marry her and than he thinks to talk with Deepa once.

Sourya sees the house and reminsces her Mom at their place in tears. Soundarya asks what she is looking. Sourya says you’re rich and have many houses and I wish my Mom is here so we don’t have fear to answer our house owner and I can never saw my Mom buying saree for her, because of this lockdown my Mom is bearing tough time in tears.

Soundarya says stop it than she sees Karthik and questions him how can they live luxurious life when his wife and children are suffering in poverty and asks him to take one good decision for kids and shows him how Sourya in tears. Karthik leaves placing his hand in Sourya head.

Mounitha thinks why Karthik switched off his phone and gets tensed thinking what if he gets to know the truth than she prays god to save her. Karthik remembers Deepa words than he gets Mounitha call.

Mounitha asks why he switched off his mobile and where he went. Karthik tells her how he attended Hima birthday party celebrated by Deepa at Lakshamamma house. Mounitha feels frustrated with his answer. Sourya overhears his words.

Deepa happily goes to home. Hima hugs her and asks where she went. Deepa tells her I came after meeting your Dad and very soon we are going to unite as family. Murali Krishna and Hima feels happy.

Precap – Hima count the stars. Deepa tells moon is one like your Dad to us. Sourya asks Karthik why he is angry at their Mom.