Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th February 2021 Written Update: Saranya’s request to Maha

Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar 8th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nachiyar staring her husband photo emotionally. Muthuraj Car arrives there. Both Vadivu and Muthuraj gets down from the car and witnessing Nachiyar’s family is sitting outside of house without option. Vadivu gets happy to see them suffering and asks Chidambaram to comes down and see this happy moment. Chidambaram is getting emotional seeing Nachiyar’s situation. Vadivu and Muthuraj are literally enjoying their state.

Chidambaram questions Vadivu doesn’t she has wetness in her heart to see them in this state. Muthuraj teases him that he can’t able to see his sister’s misery. Vadivu says that first marriage may stopped by Mayan, but his sister whom stopped the second one so, she deserve this all for breaking her promise to her. Vadivu added that Nachiyar still staying inside the compound if her brother thinks he will kick them out of the compound too.

Chidambaram challenge them that they will get back their house soon. Vadivu says whatever this situation won’t change. Muthuraj challenges his father that Maasani never give this property to them but he gonna rule this house. Vadivu appreciates his thought. She teases everyone there and leaves from there.

Mayan feels frustrate thinking about Maasani’s cunning move in his absence. Mayan asks Kathi to take wrong methode to destroy him inorder to get back his property. Kathi advises him that he can’t choose that path because he will loss the rights on this property then.

Mayan replies its the only option left in his life because he can’t able to see his family is suffering like this. Kathi says that Nachiyar whom adamant not to go with him. Gayathri comes there with coffee Kathi praise it and asks her permission to do the task which Mayan asked him to do? Gayathri assures to him that Mayan is always choose the correct path. Kathi pouts seeing Mayan.

Maha is thinking about the incident. Mayan questions her why didn’t she alerts him before itself? Didn’t he plead her to share everything with him but she didn’t that’s why this problem came. Maha replies if she informed him means will he arrange the money in due time? Mayan says that’s his problem.

Saranya comes there to speak with her. She informs to her that she gonna meet the financier. Mayan asks Saranya to take Maha with her. Maha complaints that Saranya know to deal everything alone. Mayan scolds her to listen what’s he meant. Saranya requests Maha to accompany her. Maha agrees with her.

Maha gives milk to Nachiyar but she refuses to drink it. Saranya advises her to forget the incident and take care of her health. Maha convinces her and makes her drink it. Mayan listening to the song its irks everyone there so Maha lashes out at him for being thoughtless in such situation. Mayan thinks that she is complaining about his every act.

Episode end.