Karthika Deepam 9th February 2021 Written Update: Hima and Deepa spends quality time together at terrace

Karthika Deepam 9th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Deepa says my husband is same man who don’t have any anger towards me and today I felt happy and didn’t get angry and I will work hard to unite with him so we can live as a happy family. Hima asks wiill they really go to their Dad. Deepa says your Dad will come to take us because today I got full hope and my husband is gold. Hima happily hugs her Mom. Murali Krishna feels happy.

Karthik reaches to Mounitha place and notices broken things. Mounitha says I’m trying hard to unite Hima and you but you’re meeting that Deepa who’s trying to blame me and Deepa may even make you believe that I’m behind your and Hima accident 10years back, you’re trusting Deepa and not taking care of me, will you live as a family forgetting that Vihari matter, tell me if you want me to leave to USA so you can live happily with Deepa.

Karthik says stop it, give me chance to talk. I went to Hima place because Lakshamamma call and I felt emotional seeing Deepa arrangements for Hima birthday and don’t show your anger in things, prove it doing work. Mounitha says I left Vihari matter for you, so many poets are available but Deepa behaved closely with that Vihari and than she sees Priyamani and asks her to get coffee. Mounitha says so many are behind me but I avoided them because I only love you but you’re not understanding me that’s Paining.

Deepa feeds food to Hima at terrace. Hima says let’s enjoy at Granny place in this way once we went with Dad and wish Sourya is here. Deepa says Sourya is so happy to stay with her dad. Hima says don’t know what Sourya is doing. Sourya feels cold because of AC. Karthik notices A.c temperature is 16 than he explains to Sourya that they need to increase numbers in remote if we feel cold.

Sourya says ok but still natural air is best, let’s sleep in terrace because it’s worth to sleep under stars. Karthik agrees. Mounitha thinks Karthik won’t like Deepa and he will stay with me.

Karthik says their are no Nakshatras. Sourya says they used to saw Nakshatras in Balabadrapuram. Karthik says cities are filled with pollution that’s why we can’t see Nakshatras. Sourya asks what’s pollution. Karthik explains about Pollution and says sky will be clear to Earth if their is no pollution. Sourya says wish Pollution between Mom and you gets cleared so you can see purity of Mom. Karthik asks why she is talking more than her age.

Sourya says she just said his words and asks him to tell how they used to spend when they likes eachother. Karthik says your Mom is good but. Sourya asks why he gets angry with Mom. Karthik says pollution,cend your questions and sleep quietly. Karthik reminsces Deepa with Vihari.

Deepa asks why Hima is silent. Hima says she is counting stars. Deepa says Moon is single like your Dad to us. Hima and Deepa counts stars as a competition and Hima wins that competition and she sleeps hugging Deepa. Sourya hugs Karthik in the sleep. Karthik wakeup saying Hima than realises it’s Sourya and slowly removes her hand, Sourya asks won’t she keep hand on him.

Precap – Karthik haves Tiffin with Sourya at road side stall. Deepa shows that scene to Soundarya. Soundarya asks why he is eating at roadside stall. Karthik says it’s tasty.