Kasauti Zindagi Kay 15th August 2019 written update:- Anurag celebrates rakhi with his sisters

The episode starts with Prerna is making Sneha sleep and she is caressing her forehead. Bajaj comes there and sees them sharing some moments from the outside of the room.

She kisses her head and promised that she will always take care of her and will never be left alone anywhere. She notices Rishabh and comes out and tells him that she is about to go from there.

Bajaj says Kuki is my life and if anything happens to her I feel terrible so that’s why… Prerna didn’t let him complete his words and says I know what is emotional turmoil and don’t worry about whatever happened today will not get repeated again.

In the morning, Shivani calls Prerna and asks her if she talks to mom? Prerna says she tried but mom is not ready to listen to her at all. Shivani face if she is not listening to your words or not taking up your calls then why are you not giving extra efforts?

Please talk to mum and tell her father convinced her that she doesn’t need to do a job at this stage of her age. Bajaj listens to the conversation silently as Prerna is sitting on his jacket which he is about to wear.

Prerna calls at the event management company where Veena is currently employed, she asked the manager with their to give the phone to free now and says that she has something important to talk.

Veena gets annoyed with Prerna’s call. She tells Prerna that she is not interested in talking to her and she is working as she needs money to run her house. Prerna gets concerned about Veena’s health.

She notices Mr. Bajaj there who says that he has no intention to listen to her but she is sitting on his jacket. He tells Prerna that she is enough intelligent and strong to handle this matter.

On the other hand, Anurag is packing his bag when Nivedita comes and says can we celebrate Rakhi in advance? As you are going to be absent on the occasion. Anurag agrees and he spends some really nice moments with his sisters. They tie him rakhi one after another and feed each other sweets.

In the end, Anurag gives them the gift and both get happy and Anurag also gets to enjoy the moment.

Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to take care of a mother and he says the sufferings of a mother can change a person forever and if she changes now it will be difficult for her to get back to her old self. He says I have become a ruthless business tycoon due to my mother’s anger and sufferings and now it is impossible for me to change again to my old self.

Mohini and Nivedita are sitting on the breakfast table and discussing Anurag’s changed behavior.

Mohini tells Nivedita that if the relation of Anurag and Prerna was not in a serious stage my son would have been recovered from it. Whatever he had with Prerna, it was so deep that now it is impossible for him to hate that very face whom he loves madly.

Tanvi and her mum also comes and settles in breakfast table and asks Nivedita and Mohini to continue their talks. Mohini also gives them a reply, and a sort of argument started between the four on the dining table.

Mohini says that no matter how much costly garments you wear on your body, the sick mentality of someone generally comes out and these kind of people are not worthy of sharing the same dining table with me. Tanvi’s mother tells her that they have to focus on their mission, you have to become Mrs. Tanvi Risabh Bajaj.

Tanvi notices cookie and pretends to love her when cookie passes her and hugs Prerna. Prerna took her to the kitchen to show her something special which she made with her own hands.

Moloy feels useless sitting in a wheelchair hit, he thinks that the time when my son needs me the most I was not able to be there with him.

Bajaj comes in and calls the servants to take care of him and make him enter the room. Prerna asked them to stop. And takes away Moloy from there.

Tanvi and her mum are planning to do something dreadful after which they can try to proof Bajaj that his choice for Kuki’s mother as perfect.

Bajaj and Prerna have a light argument where did not tell him that the way you are treating the elders of the bus family is not something I like. Bajaj says that you have made it a habit to oppose me no matter what I am doing.

Prerna says the way I respect your family elders, you should do the same because from the days of childhood to till now I consider this home and these members are like my own family. Any sort of misbehavior with them I just can’t tolerate at all.

Precap – Veena gets shocked to see Prerna in Basu bari.