Kasauti Zindagi kay 15th October 2019 Written Update: Anurag finds Proof against Bajaj and Komolika entry

Tanvi is seen buying flowers when rogues come see her there. They decide to trouble her and teases her. One goon holds her by hand and Tanvi struggles under his hold. Anupam comes there and thrashes the goons. The goons run away and Tanvi hugs him and thanks him. Tanvi says Anurag about the person whom Bajaj hired to blame him as a return for his favour. Anurag comes to the guy’s place.

Anurag sees him and beats him black and blue. Anupam holds knife on his neck and he agrees to confess. He records everything in his mobile while Anupam holds him. He then asks him to leave.

Komolika comes dressed in her old way and the doctor goes stunned with her attitude. She asks for her brother Ronit and he says that he’s in the reception. She thanks him for her new face.

Prerna finds Anurag’s gifted anklet and gets emotional. Kukki sees it and asks her to wear it. Prerna denies but Kukki requests her and she agrees. Kukki herself makes her wear the anklet and Prerna hugs her and Bajaj watches them a far. He comes in and share a cute moment with Kukki. Prerna asks Bajaj if she can visit her Daadi as its been long. Bajaj agrees and Kukki wants to join her too. Bajaj agrees for it too on Prerna’s insistence.

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कसौटी ज़िन्दगी की 15 अक्टूबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट :- अनुराग को मिला बजाज के खिलाफ सबूत और कोमोलीका की एंट्री का भी!

Komolika comes out of the hospital in her usual swag and everyone goes spellbound at her just like the past. She meets Ronit in the reception who praises her for looking beautiful. Komolika says that she thought people loved her for her face but realized that it’s her attitude. She asks for Anurag photo and Ronit gives her. She speaks to Anurag photo and says that her desire for him is still alive. She says that she’s coming back to his life to get him back.

Anurag comes to Bajaj room and finds him with his manager. He taunts Bajaj for tasting failure for the first time. He calls for Prerna but Bajaj says that she’s not home. Mohini comes there and asks Anurag what’s he doing there. Anurag once again taunts Rishab for going to face failure. Mohini drags him out of his room. She asks what is he doing. She says about her bad feeling thar she’s experiencing today and Anurag asks her not to worry and everything will be alright.

Prerna’s daadi massages her and asks why did she marry Bajaj. Prerna says that she married him only for herself. She says that she married him to keep Anurag safe and says about her deal with Bajaj. Daadi praises Prerna for her heart. Anurag calls Prerna and asks about her return. She says she’ll be back in the evening. She says about last night’s events and thinks it to be a dream. Anurag let it be as he doesn’t want to trouble Prerna. Bajaj hears Anurag and Anupam talking about proof.

Precap : Komolika speaks to Anurag photo. Bajaj’s manager informs him about Anurag knowing everything and also Anurag getting it all recorded.