Kasauti Zindagi Kay 16th September 2019 Written Update: Anurag is out of danger!

Today’s episode opens with Prerna’s soul asking Prerna why she is crying. The soul says Anurag will be fine. Prerna ask but how.

Prerna’s soul asks her to pour her heart out to her. Prerna cries her heart out and her soul motivates her. She ask Prerna to go to Anurag and if anyone stops her fight with everyone because you have sacrificed your life for him.

Prerna wipes her tears and rushes to meet Anurag. She bumps into Mr. Bajaj. She asks Mr. Bajaj did he remember why she married him. Mr. Bajaj says yes. Prerna further cries and says to Mr. Bajaj that she married him to save Anurag’s life but today he is struggling to survive.

Prerna tells to Mr. Bajaj that doctor told her if in next 6 hours Anurag doesn’t regain consiouness than he will die. She says Anurag has said to her whenever she will call he will come back to her. Mr. Bajaj stands shocked. Prerna cries loud and says Anurag matters to her a lot. She says none can stop her from saving him and runs to meet Anurag.

Mr. Bajaj thinks he will never stop Prerna from meeting Anurag especially when someone is fighting for life. Doctors give treatment to Anurag. Nurse comes out from the room. Prerna ask what happened and gestures to go inside. Mohini drags Prerna out from the room. Prerna ask Mohini to leave her hand. Mohini doesn’t listen to her, Prerna yells at Mohini and ask her to leave her hand. Mohini ask Prerna her husband asks her to learn to respect herself so that none can insult her.

Prerna gives a befitted reply to Mohini. She goes to Moloy and pleads him to allow her to meet Anurag. Mohini says to Prerna that she is shameless and calls out for Bajaj. She screams Baja’s name and says she want to discuss something about his wife. Anurag’s health deteriorates.

Moloy thinks Anurag needs Prerna. He was about to fall from wheelchair but Mr. Bajaj saves him. Mohini calls for Bajaj, meanwhile Prerna runs to Anurag’s room. Doctor says they tried to save Anurag but they failed.

Prerna comes to Anurag and she cries her heart out in front of him. She asks Anurag to wake up as she can’t see him dying in front of her. Doctor says this is miracle, the heartbeat of Anurag was stopped but suddenly he is responding.

Doctor asks Prerna to stay with Anurag as his health is showing good signs in her presence. Bajaj comes and ask Mohini why she wanted to tell him about his wife. Mohini says she just wanted to ask is Prerna can stay with his son for some more time. Bajaj ask did she was crying her lungs out for this reason. He further says Prerna has a right to make her own decision and she doesn’t need to take his permission for everything. Basu mates stand shocked.

Mr. Bajaj recalls how he saved Moloy and thinks he hates Basu’s than why he always end up taking care of them. He thinks is Prerna creating impact on him. Tanvi sees Mr. Bajaj and tells to Sharda what all happened in Anurag’s room.

Sharda thinks is Bajaj falling for Prerna. Tanvi says she doesn’t know. Later, Sharda ask Tanvi is Mohini too in Anurag’s room. Tanvi says yes. Sharda thinks to find the photographs of her through which Mohini blackmails her. She further asks Tanvi how she finds Anurag and goes away.

Docotr tells to Basu family that Anurag is out of danger but he will need time to recover. He asks Basu mates to have rest. Prerna about to leave but Anurag holds Prerna’s hand and stops her. Anurag ask Prerna to stay with him. Mohini and others stands shocked. Anupam ask Mohini to come with him.

Tanvi and Sharda search for the photograph in Mohini’s room. Anupam enters in the room with Moloy.

Mr. Bajaj recalls Prerna, Anurag and Sharda’s word. He gets confused and thinks why suddenly he is overthinking on any matter. What happened to him? (Episode Ends)

Precap: Tanvi and Sharda find the photographs. Mohini spots them outside her room and ask what they are doing here. Otherside, Mohini talks with Moloy and says she didn’t know Anurag loves Prerna more than anyone in this world. Doctor says each man fears his wife and same happened with Anurag. Prerna tells to Doctor that she is not his wife but Mr. Bajaj’s wife. Here, Sharda tells to Tanvi that Mr. Bajaj married to Prerna because he wanted to ruin Basu’s.