Kasauti Zindagi Kay 25th July 2019 Written Update- Mr Bajaj warns Anurag not to follow him and Prerna


Anurag and Prerna are standing besides Rhine falls and talks with each other. Anurag says these waves are like our love. It will rise again and defeat the conspiracies of Bajaj. We will win, our love will win. Prerna says there is a bad habit of reality that it doesn’t change in any manner. She asks Anurag to leave from there. Anurag says I will leave but with you. We will not leave the place alone but together. Meanwhile, Mr. Bajaj comes there while Anurag and Prerna are conversing. He comes and asks Prerna if she is free, She says she is free and ready to go with him for coffee. He informs Anurag the delicates will take 4-5 days more to think and give away the contract.

Anurag is dejected with Prerna’s behavior and starts to walk on the road with Khawabpharosi songs plays in the background. He went to different locations of Zurich starts with Sphinx Terrace, Bahnhof Starre, and imagines Prerna with him and sees her going away with Bajaj. Anurag rides on horse car in Interkalen and finds Prerna besides him then she disappears. He goes to Ice palace and imagined Prerna and Bajaj are sitting there hand in hand and he cries and feels disheartened.

In Kolkata, Veena is sad and her son and daughter in law decided to cheer her up by taking her to a movie and does promotion of Judgemental Hai Kya film.

Prerna and Bajaj boards in a train where Anurag also comes to look for Prerna. He finds her and sits in front of her which annoys Bajaj. Prerna feels why are you doing this and not stopping yourself. Anurag says I don’t want to make you feel disturbed but you will find me around you.

Prerna gets up and changes the seat when Anurag also get up but Bajaj stops him. He says, settle where you are sitting when Anurag says I have a ticket to travel. Bajaj says I can throw out you and your ticket from this train but will upset my wife and that is why I am tolerating you. Back off and count this as my last warning.
Bajaj and Prerna come in a restaurant of Uetliberg, Zurich from where the panoramic view of the city can be located.

Anurag comes there and asks Prerna to come with him with his hand gestures. Suddenly he feels someone is following him and he follows in that direction. Anupam gets in a boat of Zurich lake and talks in Hindi with a foreigner just to make Nivedita jealous. She gets angry and thrashed him and also asks women to stay away. Here, Bajaj and Prerna are about to eat when the food falls on her saree and she goes to wash it off. Bajaj feels impressed with Prerna and his antics.

Precap: Anurag takes Prerna in a jeep and Bajaj decides to teach him a lesson for crossing his limits. Later Prerna slaps Anurag.

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