Kasauti Zindagi Kay 29th July 2019 Written Update- Prerna and Anurag is trying to escape from Ronit

The episode begins with Prerna and Anurag are in the garage and is conversing about Ronit and why he is doing all this? Anurag says to Prerna till now I used to think that for komolika that he thinks I am responsible and that is why he is behind me. What I am not getting here is why he came all the way to Switzerland just to kidnap you. Prerna, on the other hand, reminds Mr. Bajaj and her conversation about Ronit.

Mr. Bajaj told her that he strikes a deal with the Ronit regarding the destruction of Mr. Anurag Basu but due to Prerna agrees to marry Mr. Bajaj the deal of him and Ronit stands invalid, thus he must be angry on Prerna for ruining his plan and maybe he can cause harm to her someday. Anurag sees around him and finds nobody is there and he escaped from the place with Prerna. Anurag and Prerna are running on the streets to escape from those people but Ronit on the other side, with his fellow-men, is following them everywhere. Here Anupam tells Nivedita that he wants to start fresh and builds this marriage on the basis of love and only love and nothing else can come between them. They are running from a long time when Anurag and Prerna halt at a place when Anurag asks Prerna why he is behind you? He can be behind me and that is understandable but why you?

Prerna thinks if she tells him the reason for Ronit being behind her then a big problem than kidnapping will arise. She ignores the words of Anurag and tries to divert the attention. She tells Anurag she is not interested in talking about it now and escaping from this place is much more needed than discussing the matter.

On the other hand, Ronit reaches near them and instructs his men to look for Anurag and Prerna around when he finds a piece of Prerna’s saree stuck somewhere and he gets assured that they are around. Prerna and Anurag arrive at Zurich old town area and suddenly Prerna notices that they are running all this while holding the hands of each other. she looks and Anurag who is looking for here and there searching for those main coming behind them.

Anurag then also notices that he is holding Prerna’s hand and both of them distanced themselves from it. Prerna asks Anurag how did you appear at the time of crisis and saved me? Anurag says that he notices Ronit while walking down the streets and following her everywhere. I felt that someone is stalking you hence I decided to look for that person. He catches Ronit talking to two persons and he also sees Anurag there but escapes from his hold.

Anurag says I saw the whole thing when you are getting kidnapped I was there I saw you are being attacked from behind, which is why I rescued you from there, in fact, I saw Mr. Bajaj was there as well but he did nothing. Anurag says maybe Mr. Bajaj taken aback with all these happening and got too numb to react. Here, Nivedita and Anupam spend some close and romantic moment with each other and consummated their marriage in their hotel while Mr. Bajaj tries to reach Nivedita but she doesn’t answer his calls, he gets annoyed.

Mr.Bajaj comes to Nivedita and Anupam’s room and sees the DND board on it. He spots the room cleaning girl is there and she is opening the doors with a special lock. He tricks and opens the door of Nivedita and Anupam hotel room while they are lying on the bed. The breaches their privacy and entered their bedroom when they are in a compromised situation. Anupam gets hell angry on Mr.Bajaj and asks him what he is doing?

Bajaj asks Anupam to meet him outside soon. Nivedita comes and asks Bajaj if he is running out of his manners? Bajaj takes her phone and calls Anurag from it. He picks up and says Nivi di, I will talk to you later and cuts the call. Bajaj gets angry while Anurag and Prerna keep on running on the streets.

Precap: Bajaj traces Prerna and Anurag location and reaches there. Ronit get caught by Prerna, Bajaj, and Anurag when he asks Anurag if he wants to know why Prerna married Mr.Bajaj?