Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th July 2019 Written Update:- Kalyani confronts an unknown dangerMalhar and Kalyani performs the pooja together

The episode starts with Atul is slamming Anupriya and Sarthak for being together in a room. Sarthak addresses Malhar as Meenakshi and says will you have any problem with me telling your personal issue to Atul? Malhar nods in no and Sarthak says she is Meenakshi Kalyani’s friend. Actually, she is having some issues in her marriage as her husband is very good but her in-laws are not good enough. Hence, she is taking some legal advice from me and these kinds of talks and be done in front of all. Atul goes towards Malhar and says at least your husband is good enough but my daughter is not that lucky to get a good husband and left from there. Anupriya asks Malhar not to feel bad about Atul’s words. Malhar says he doesn’t care about Atul as he is confident that he is doing all he can as a husband.

On the other side, goons are talking about the bomb when Kalyani enters the room and asks them what is going on there? Atul and Anupriya come there to call Kalyani and Anupriya takes her by threatening her in name of Malhar. Anupriya takes Malhar on a video call and Kalyani who is now thinking herself as Atharva get shocked to see him in a married woman dress. She calls Malhar item and suggests him to show his looks to his wife Kalyani. Malhar asks Kalyani not to show many teeth and concentrate on what he asks her to do. Sarthak brings Malhar in the veneration area and introduces him as Meenakshi e to all so that he can sit for the pooja. Anupriya also brings Kalyani and asks her to settle beside Meenakshi.

Here, the goons are storing their stuff in the room and smile thinking that plan is working. Atharva enters the room, he starts to clap and says I know you people have stored lollipops and chocolates in those bags and I will take it myself. There in the hall the pooja started and all the ladies are singing and doing the pooja together. Kalyani and Malhar perform Pooja together while on the other side the goons pushed Atharva hard. He cries and says that he will complain about it to his father, Malhar. Malhar is helping Kalyani to complete the pooja and in between, he prays to Gauri Mata to bless Kalyani with a long and healthy life. He says he also kept fast for his wife and he wants her by his side lifelong.

Atharva comes in the pooja venue and asks disguised Malhar to come with him for pushing that uncle who pushed him. Anupriya takes Atharva from there and asks him that she will listen to him. Later, Anupriya hands over Atharva to Aparna’s husband. He asks Atharva where are those men who pushed you and misbehaved with you. Atharva took him to the storeroom from where he listens to all their talks. Here Anupriya reads out the ancestral story about Mangala gowri pooja. She later informs Malhar that Pooja is completed and he can leave now. However, Aao saheb asks him to stay back and takes part in the fun segments of the pooja. Kalyani and Malhar start to twirl when Malhar’s veil is getting off slowly, Anupriya gets shocked and scared to see this.

Precap: Atharva brings Kalyani in the storeroom and says these people pushed me. They again pushed Atharva and he falls on a bag while an RDX falls and Kalyani spots it and gets scared.