Kasauti Zindagi kay 30th September 2019 Written Update: Mr. Bajaj reveals how he made Anurag to fall in his trap!

Today’s episode starts with Prerna telling to Mr.Bajaj that she ha!s always supported the truth but she can’t go against Anurag and gets upset. Mr.Bajaj goes to Prerna and says she can share anything with him but he feels comfortable when she talks about Anurag. He further says to Prerna that he wants to meet her family. There, Anurag and Anupam discuss about Bajaj and wonders in spite of knowing the truth why Bajaj kept quiet. Other side, Venna tells to her family that Bajaj wants to meet them.

Prerna goes to Kuki’s room and thinks about Anurag. She self talks and says Anurag used to be a pure soul but what happened to her. Further , kuki ask Prerna to sleep with her. Bajaj sees them from far and thinks Prerna is fulfilling her duty of mother because she herself is pregnant with Anurag’s child. He adores the sleeping Prerna and says he won’t let anyone to come between his family.

At night Anurag sees the inspector and gets confuse. He sees Bajaj and confronts him later, Bajaj reveals to Anurag that he planned his accident and executed his plan smartly. Anurag says he was wondering the same how his smooth plan turned so horrible and challenge’s to Bajaj that he will prove that he is wrong.

Bajaj further made Anurag recall how from day one he was after him but actually he was step ahead from him. Anurag stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mr. Bajaj says to Anurag that he can’t keep anymore secret now. Prerna comes and ask which secret. Afterwards, Mr.Bajaj goes to meet Prerna’s family and Anurag interupts him. Later, Bajaj says to Anurag that he will soon fly away with Prerna to other country.