Kasauti Zindagi Kay 5th September 2019 written update:- Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is going in Basu Mansion

The episode starts with Bajaj is getting attracted towards Prerna and he is feeling uneasy about it. he is watching her going here and there for the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi. Prerna comes to jhandu and asks him to help the people outside who came with the staff required for the pooja. Mr. Bajaj is so much affected with her but she is indifferent to all this and doing her work.

Sharda notices Bajaj being nervous and asks him about the same but he changes the topic and says there is nothing like that. On the other side, Anupam in a way to make Nivedita up from sleep plays a song at full volume and starts to dance with her. She at first gets angry but eventually joins him and dances with him.

After some time Mohini, Nivedita, and the other people come down with their stuff for the Puja and Bajaj requests Sharda not to be rude with the Basu family at least for today. Sharda tells Tanvi she could wear something nice at least for today. Sharda says she is feeling Bajaj is being influenced by Prerna. Tanvi says Anurag is being attacked by Bajaj so he is trying to be nice in front of all. She says Anurag, Prerna, and Bajaj are the perfect triangle.

Hence Bajaj is surely not liking someone else staring at his wife. Bajaj comes there and catches Anurag staring at Prerna and smiling softly. He asks him not to look at his wife like that as that is making him uncomfortable. Anurag says I felt the same when you forcefully married my fiance. I am still uncomfortable with you are being at my house and I also feel the same when you send goons to kill me. Come on Mr.Bajaj fight with me directly like man to man. Bajaj says we will and argues with him while Anupam gets to listen to all of that.

He comes and asks Anurag what is going on? Anurag shares a flashback with him that how one year ago he performed the veneration with Prerna together in front of Ganapati. Moreover, back then he doesn’t even know her properly so this year also only he will do the veneration with Prerna as it only happens within a couple.

Bajaj comes to his room to look for some spreadsheets. Tanvi comes there to call him and tries to take advantage of the situation in the name of helping him. Bajaj feels uncomfortable and asks her to stop. Prerna also comes in the room and sees Bajaj is messing the cupboard. She stops him and says I will search for it but this time, he doesn’t move from his place and gets stuck there while Prerna is generally searching for the papers.

Bajaj and Prerna come down for aarti but the former gets a call and he goes upstairs and Anurag follows him. He again confronts Bajaj for coming in between him and Prerna and also asks him about sending goons. Bajaj denies and says he doesn’t have leisure time to spend with him as he has to perform the pooja. He goes from there while Anurag stands there and gets in deep thinking.

Precap – Bajaj asks Anurag to stay away from his wife as whatever is between him and Prerna is all over now. Prerna comes to give aarti to Anurag but Bajaj also comes there.