Kasauti Zindagi kay 6th November 2019 Written Update: Sonalika plans to erase Prerna name from Anurag life

Episode starts with Sonalika gets worried without Anurag presence in their room. Anurag enters room and she hugs him saying she is worried about him. He says went outside for fresh air. Komolika remembers how he previouslyinsulted in their suhaagrat. Sonalika asks him why he is looking sad. He says everything is fine.
Anurag thinks to make his maa happy because she don’t deserve to worry about him. Komalika thinks how many days he is going to run, I will snatch Prerna name from his life like I destroyed their memories.

Veena asks where is Lord, why is this happening with us. Prerna life is getting better than god snatched Anurag memory and in our life we have beautiful house filled with memories now God destroyed that house. Prerna and Shivani tried to console her. Veena announces they are going to their village and asks Shekar to book tickets for them. Komolika smiles and thinks how Prerna is she going live with broken heart and dreams, your chapter is over Prena.
Prerna says they have to fight with their Problems, running away from problem is not solution.Prerna says they r not going anywhere and make their home like previous one.

Next day Anurag performs pooja and whole family joins him. Sonalika invited everyone to have Breakfast made by her. Anurag asks Moloy to come to their study room for some discussion. Sonalika thinks Anurag is belongs to her.

Prerna discuss with her family how to repair their house. Veena says it needs more money. Prerna says they can repair because they knows some works. She sees some job ad and says she is going to apply for this job. Veena denies but Prerna says she will get bored if she stay in home 24/7 and she wants to forget previous memories so this job is needed. Everyone agrees.

Anurag says to Moloy he is planning to starts his work to stay away from his thoughts about his past. Moloy and Nivedita gets happy knowing his decision. Moloy asks him to join in their business but Anurag says he want to work with new venture and they discuss about departments in their company.

Sharma’s gets as seeing the state of their house. Veena asks to forget Anurag. Prerna thinks she can’t stop her heart and can’t stay away from his memories. everyone starts cleaning the house.

Nivedita says to Mohini, she is happy to get their old Anurag back. Mohini says it’s all because of Sonalika. Mohini and Nivedita thanks Sonalika. Anurag going to office and Nivedita teases him and Mohini felts happy seeing Anurag happy.

Precap – Prerna dupatta falls over Anuag face. He calls out and stops Prerna and she thinks Anurag. Anurag is going to work in Star and Kings media corporation for his project. Prerna announce to her family she got job in Star and Kings media corporation. Shivani gets happy. Company team asks Prerna to be a secretary to their new boss. Prerna gets shocked seeing Anurag.