Kasauti Zindagi Kay- and the banter continues between Anurag and Prerna!

Star Plus’s block buster hit drama Kasauti Zindagi Ke is going through quite an interesting phase as Anurag and Prerna, the two lovers have ended beneath the same roof despite Prerna getting married to Bajaj instead of him.

Moreover, their banter and squabble about their past love and present life continues with a series of high heated drama ongoing on their side. This time the issue is about the accident on Kuki’s birthday and Veena getting arrested by a falsified blame. Anurag has vowed to save Veena off the blame and seeks Prerna’s help.

In the upcoming episode, Anurag and Prerna will argue with each other in Basu Mansion. Prerna will refuse to take Anurag’s help, while Anurag will insist Prerna helping Veena. Nivedita will overhear their argument and will get enraged. Anurag will ask Prerna to make a tea for him and they will move towards kitchen.

Prerna will ask Anurag to stay within his limits. Prerna will still make a tea for Anurag and then tell him that they are now no more friends. Anurag will question Prerna on how she could do this to him. Prerna will tell Anurag that Mr. Bajaj has proposed her and had given her a choice which she accepted with all her heart. Anurag will then tell Prerna that henceforth he will not hold her hands.

Prerna will ask Anurag to move on. At the hospital, Sharda will instruct Tanvi to delay Mr Bajaj’s recovery. Sharda will ask doctor not to give injections to Mr. Bajaj and tell them to let Bajaj recover naturally. Sharda will then tell Tanvi that this will help them to prove Veena guilty. Back at Basu Mansion, Nivedita will question Anurag regarding Prerna.

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