Kasauti Zindagi Kay – Prerna and Anurag finally confess their love!

There is a big twist coming for fans of Anurag and Prerna in Star Plus’s popular drama Kasauti Zindagi Kay, as the much-awaited confession of love will happen between the love birds of the show. As we all are aware of the duo are captured by Ronit who first kidnapped Prerna to avenge Komolika’s death and now have also taken Anurag in hostage as the latter came to rescue his love. In the upcoming episode of the show, Ronit will be seen enjoying the kidnapping game as he wishes to play the game of death with these two lovers. He will think of the best way to take revenge for Komolika’s death and then he realizes Komalika died because of pushing and pulling that happened between her and these two lovers. He will thus ask them to push each other otherwise he will push them both and kill them together.
Right at that moment, he gets distracted by a call from the police and as he goes aside to take the call, Anurag will confess his love to Prerna assuming this might be his last chance. He will tell her that he loves her and she will respond to his feelings with a smile. Anurag will tell her in detail about how he was going to propose her if they weren’t trapped in this situation and even says he had already gotten her a ring. Right then, Ronit returns to form his call and taunts them to stop romancing and be ready to die. Suddenly, Anurag sees his chance and snatches a gun from Ronit. The game is now in his hands and he puts Ronit on gunpoint, takes Prerna’s hand and escape from there. On the other side, Mohini will confront Veena.
Keep watching this space for more updates.

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