Radhakrishn: Ayan to go Sanyasi!

In an exciting episode of Star Bharat’s Radhakrishn that will soon air on tv, Ayan will decide to become a sanyasi. This is a big twist in the show and everyone will be visibly shocked regarding this decision by Ayan. The people who ardently follow the show are well aware of the fact that Ayan has been trying everything in his power to get married to Radha. When Radha and Krishna decided to get married to each other Ayan lost his cool and tried a lot to stop it from happening. He along with Jatila had ulterior motives to fulfill so they plotted many conspiracies for him to get married to Radha.
However, their vile conspiracies failed every single time and their plotting against Krishna and Radha even led to them being thrown out of the house by Ugrapaat. Even after that, these two continuously tried to stop Radha and Krishna from getting united to each other. Eventually, Radha and Krishna successfully managed to take their love to the next level by giving their relationship a name with a sacred bond of marriage.
In the present day, the show is showcasing the events during the Waghdaan or engagement ritual of the lovers. In one side, asur Shankchurn is creating hurdles in the rituals on account of threats from Kans who is also against Radha and Krishna’s sacred wedding. And now on the other side, as the prenuptial rituals begin for Radha and Krishna’s wedding has already begun, Ayan will shock everyone with his decision of taking Sanyas in his life. Especially, Jatila and Vrishbhaan will get a huge shock by listening to his sudden decision. Has Ayan made a compromise with his fate and accepted his defeat after being dishonestly conspiring in the past? Has he taken this decision for good?  We will all have to wait to see that.
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Image credit: Google