Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Struggles in court for bailing Anurag!

In our earlier report on Star Plus’s blockbuster hit television drama Kasauti Zindagi Kay, we brought the news of Mr. Bajaj making an outrageous offer to Prerna where she would have to give up on Anurag to save him. She will now try to get Anurag out on bail through the help of law? But the question is will she succeed? This time it looks like luck is not in favor with the lovers once again. In the upcoming episode, when there happens a court hearing for Anurag’s case, Prerna will give statement in favor of Anurag. She will tell the judge that Ronit is alive. Their lawyer, Mr. Das will request the judge to give them time for further investigation on the case and bail Anurag out for the time being. The judge will not listen to their plea and instead ask to do a DNA test of the body to make sure whether it is of Ronit’s or not. He will reject the request of granting bail to Anurag.

Meanwhile, on the other front of the show, Mohini will apologize to Veena and accept that she had in fact tried to sabotage the wedding. Prerna will feel dejected as the judge dismisses Anurag’s bail request and goes out of the court thinking what she can do to save her Anurag. Right in the moment, she bumps into a disguised Ronit. Will she be able to recognize him and find a way to rescue Anurag from the false blame? Anurag on the other hand is lost in the memories of the times he spent together with Prerna. He will have plans for his honeymoon and all other adventures they would do together. Don’t miss the exciting time of the show.

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