Kasautii Zindagii kay 14th January 2020 Written Update: Shivani gets suspicious and chases Ronit

Episode starts with Anurag thinks why I’m feeling jealous seeing Viraj with Prerna and it’s wrong. He calls Sonlika to come to their room to discuss with her. Sonalika inform this to Mohini and goes to bedroom. Prerna notice her and thinks what’s she planning this time.

Viraj thinks previously I didn’t want to start relation with Prerna before clearing my questions but now I’m unable to talk Infront of her and didn’t want to loose her, don’t know when my heart started to feel for her, maybe seeing her good heart. Veena sees him.

Komolika gets surprised seeing disguised Ronit. Ronit asks what you want to have. Komolika says I want Prerna. Ronit says I will do this without any mistake.

Anurag thinks why Sonalika is taking so much time. Ronit shows Prerna pic to other waiters and says we have to kidnap Prerna. They agrees. Shivani notices Ronit and follows him. Ronit calls Komolika and explains his situation and asks her to escape him from this situation. Komolika says I will handle it but this is your last mistake.

When Shivani about to catch him Komolika comes in-between and asks how are you etc questions. Komolika bares Viraj seeing Prerna lovingly. Shivani sats look at here where Anurag is looking at Prerna lovingly. Ronit escapes in this time. Shivani says Viraj and Prerna marriage will never happen.

Moloy invites youngsters for dance. Viraj wants to go towards Prerna but he stops seeing Anurag is coming towards her. Everyone gets stunned seeing them. Shivani gets suspicious after seeing waiter and chases Ronit again.
Komolika calls Viraj and asks him for a dance. Viraj agrees. Ronit hides in a room to escape from Shivani. She dashes with Anupam and he asks why you look so worried. Shivani says I saw someone whos threat for Priyu Di life and I know him. Anupam asks who. Before Shivani reveals anything Nivedita takes Anupam from that place.

Anurag dances with Prerna and Viraj with Komolika. Viraj says I will dance with Prerna so you can join Anurag. Komolika says no, Anurag wants to dance with Prerna, he likes her a lot. Viraj gets shocked. Komolika says Anurag is good at heart but now it’s your right to claim her but don’t tell this to Anurag like I mentioned it you otherwise he may feel bad. Viraj agrees.

Anurag dances with Prerna happily and asks are you not intrested to dance because you’re stepping on my feel everytime. Prerna smiles and says it not like that. Anurag gets flashes of past and asks we danced many times in the past right. She agrees. After dance Prerna feels pain in feet. Anurag helps her. Everyone looks on shocked. Komolika says Viraj it’s better if you have mam to mam talk with Anurag because he won’t feel good if I talk with him. Viraj moves towards Anurag. Komolika smirks.

Precap – Viraj witnesses Anurag massaging Prerna feet. Ronit hits Shivani with vase and takes her. Prerna says Anurag will care for me everytime without remembering Past. Veena says but he’s not you’re. Prerna says my heart is saying he will become mine very soon and he will break my marriage with Viraj. Viraj asks are you loving Prerna. Anurag says yes I love her.