Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th September 2020 Written Update: Anurag finds signed papers by Prerna

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The episode starts with Moloy asks what he’s thinking. Anurag says that he needs to convince his wife. He goes to bring Komolika. He apologizes Komolika for being rude and mean to her. Komolika is he88y/happy that he realized it. He says no matter what keeping Prerna aside she did so much for him and his business. She asks what happened all of a sudden that he’s saying all those things.

Anurag thinks to cook up a story so that she won’t doubt him. She asks what’s he thinking about lying. He says no matter what he does Prerna always behaves rude with him unlike her. He says he realized her worth and wants to take her for family dinner. Komolika says she thought he would have realized his mistake and wanted to go on a date with her.

Anurag lies that he wants to mend their relationship with family and Komolika agrees. She thinks that she Prerna would’ve hurt him so much that he’s behaving good with her. Kaushik calls Monish outside and they both leave in car.

Monish asks where they are going and Kaushik says party. He finds Kaushik driving slowly and increase the speed.
Anurag praises Komolika and serves her good with his own hands. He says that they don’t have a proper family time and thus he took them there.

Komolika wonders what happened to Anurag and believes his act. Anurag leaves to get a drink and Mohini wishes Komolika that no evil eyes falls on them. However Nivedhita is sure that Anurag is up to something but decides to keep quite till Komolika asks her. Moly comes to Anurag and asks what happened all of a sudden.

Anurag says its all truth as he wants to have some family time with his wife. Komolika calls Anurag. Anurag pours curry on himself and pretends to go to wash up. Nivedhita believes that Anurag is planning everything but decides to keep shut or else Komolika will start doubting her. Kaushik and Monish comes to college and he wants to make it right.

Monish tries running away but Kaushik says that they need to help Kukki by correcting their mistakes. He asks him to stay and alert him while he goes inside
Anurag comes to his room and starts searching for the papers. He wonders what did Nivedhita hide from him. He couldn’t find it and wonders whether its related to Prerna. He thinks properly and understands where the paper is.

Kaushik and Monish sneaks in while watchman doubts someone’s entry. The other watchman convinces him that nothing is wrong and invites him for tea. However the watchman hears some noise and goes to check on. They both sneak inside and watchmen follows them to principal room.

Komolika asks Where’s Kaushik and Moloy taunts her. Komolika leaves to find Anurag. Anupam calls Nivedhita and she gets angry. She hides it. Komolika says that Moloy is right. She says Kaushik loves Kukki which is the reason for her care for Kaushik.

Anurag finds 51% stake of Bajaj City signed on Komolika by Prerna. Anurag calls Prerna but she doesn’t pick the call. Shivani takes Prerna with her saying Bajaj has called her. Prerna thinks that Bajaj would’ve got to know about her giving away 51% Bajaj City stake and blames herself for not saying it beforehand to him. Anurag thinks that for sure Komolika used some way to