Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th May 2022 Written Update: Kashi proves Chimaji is fit

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th May 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Rakma calling for help from her family. She says Chima is locked inside his room and an enemy set his room on fire. Chima fights the person and saves himself. Baji comes to open the door and everyone gets tensed. Radha blames Kashi for putting Chima in trouble. Chima comes out and says he is fine. Baji is about to attack the person but Kashi stops him and says she will punish him in Sabha. Radha angrily tells during Sabha that the attacker should get death penalty as he tried to attack her son. The attacker reveals Kashi told him to attack Chima. Everyone gets shocked hearing that. Radha asks Kashi have you lost it ?

Kashi says she did it to see Chimaji’s strength. She says Chimaji jumped into the well but came out safely and he didnt fall sick, he even saved himself and defeated the attacker and he was absolutely fine then she feels he is acting to be sick. Chima says she is insulting him as he never faked illness. He is genuinely weak. Kashi says then how come nothing happened to him yet. Rakma says that can be coincidence too. Radha gets furious and tells Kashi that she knowingly hired a person to attack Chima and now she is blaming Chima. Kashi replies she wanted to make sure if Chima is really sick. Now that she got proofs Chima will go to war and noone will give any excuse on his behalf. Not even his wife or mother. Chima will either win or will sacrifice his life. It’s her final decision.

Baji asks Kashi what was she trying to do. Why she set Chimaji’s room on fire. She didn’t tell him anything too. She replies she wanted his natural reaction and she made all the arrangements to save Chima beforehand. She called soldiers, doctor for Chimaji’s safety and they were hidden in his room. Baji gets happy hearing that. Kashi says that fire was for Chimaji’s good only which will make him stronger and brave just how fire helps the food to get cooked well. Baji says if Chimaji wins the war then everyone will cheer for Kashi too. Kashi adds Chima is like her son and taking this decision for him was hard for her but she believes he can do it. Baji gets close to her and she says he has to do her one more work. He will become her spy. She gives him turmeric milk.

Radha worries for Chima and says she will talk to King Shahu for stopping Kashi. Bajii comes and gives milk to Chima and says he can’t go against Kashi as she is the Peshwin. Radha says but he is the Peshwa too then why can’t he stop all this. If he can’t the she will talk to the king. Baji says Pune people are blaming Chima so they can’t go against Kashi but he has a plan. He says he will help Chima elope at night. Chima says but people will call him coward and he can’t live with that tag. Radha and Rakma convince him and he agrees. Kashi decorates her room with flowers and plays with it happily.

Baji comes and observes her secretly. She pulls him close and asks him that now he is spying on her too. She asks him what news he brought. He replies Chimaji agreed to elope with him, Kashi gets upset and says she didn’t expect this from Chima. Baji says he lost his confidence totally but still there’s hope that he will go to war and won’t run away. As he didn’t want to run away at first. Kashi says hope it happens. She thanks Baji for supporting her throughout. He gets romantic with her and Kashi falls asleep later. She wakes up and wonders where is Baji.

Baji gets a letter from Surya and keeps it in a box. Surya asks him who sends you letters at late night everyday? Baji tells him to not reveal this thing to anyone as this is a secret and if Kashi learns about it everything will be changed. Kashi overhears that and gets shocked. She thinks what Baji is hiding from her. Baji looks at her in shock.

Episode ends

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