Kashibai Bajirao Ballal: Kashi to feel bad for the traitor’s wife?

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Zee TV show Kashibai Bajirao Ballal will witness an exciting drama. Kashi again won Balaji’s heart by sending Bajirao to rescue him. The traitor got punished by Bajirao and Kashi felt sad for his wife. Will she stop the punishment and will Balaji agree with Kashi? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Radha rebuked Kashi and Baji for doing drama just to stop Kashi from going to Chaskaman. People laughed at Bajirao hearing such a silly cause. she asked Bajirao to apologise to the people outside who were waiting for their recovery from last night. Baji admitted he did wrong and he went to apologise. He revealed the real reason of drinking potion to everyone. He added that his wife is also a part of Saswad and he will not only fulfil duties towards his state but towards his wife too. Kashi assured Radha that she won’t become a barrier for Bajirao’s success. Later Kashi got a news from a lady that Balaji’s life is in danger who went to meet King Shahu. She informed Bajirao.

In future episodes it will be seen that Baji will leave to save his father. Radha will get afraid thinking it might be an enemy’s trap for Bajirao and Kashi put his life in danger. Kashi will pray for him and there Bajirao will catch the traitor and Balaji will feel thankful to Kashi. Bajirao will return back to Saswad and will inform Radha everything. Balaji will return back and he will thank Kashi and the lady both for saving him on time. The lady will reveal her identity and she will be the wife of the traitor. Bajirao will give death punishment to him and Radha will decide to give reward to the lady. The lady will plead before Kashi for her husband’s life but in vain. Later Kashi will drop the money plate before the lady could take it. She will ask Baji how can he laugh after giving death punishment to someone’s husband. She will tell Balaji that the traitor won’t get this punishment.

Will Radha object?

Will Bajirao support Kashi?

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