Sirf Tum: Ranveer to get mad at Riya?

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Colors TV new show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh is showcasing how Rakesh found Ranveer and Suhani together on valentines day. He got furious and raised hand on Suhani but Ranveer stops him but what will be the consequences? Will Ranveer and Suhani elope together? That will be exciting to watch.

In previous episode it was seen Ranveer tried to talk to Rakesh but the latter left with Suhani in anger. Ranveer confronted Ansh as he feels Ansh called Rakesh to come to college on valentines day. Rakesh lashed out at Suhani for breaking his trust by dating Ranveer. Suhani cried and later Sudha and Dadi supported her saying Ranveer is the best life partner for her. There Ranveer met Suhani at late night in her room and they got caught by Kamini. Rakesh tried to throw him out but Ranveer won’t leave.

In future episodes it will be seen that Rakesh will tell that he will again fix Suhani’s marriage without feeling guilty. Ranveer will say that he won’t let that happen. He will learn from Kamini that Riya is behind this. He will confront her and the latter will propose him. Ranveer will get mad at Riya as she betrayed Suhani. There Rakesh will give resign letter to Vikrant and will caution him about Ranveer. Vikrant will get offended as Rakesh will refuse to take help from him for Suhani’s marriage.

Will Suhani and Ranveer get separated?

How will Ranveer convince Rakesh?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Sirf Tum, stay tuned to this space.