Katha Ankahee 13th January 2023 Written Update: Viaan refuses to believe Ehsan’s information about Katha

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The episode starts with Katha goes to the kitchen and finds Nirija is crying silently. She goes to her and asks what happened to her. Nirija tells she can’t able to control her tears. Katha says going through a pain alone is going to do any good thing and asks to share with her. Nirija signs at Katha. Katha gets shocked seeing the onions and realises because of which only she is crying and laughs with Nirija. She also tells her that she scared her. Nirija tells Katha that she knows she is always a happy person so when she wants to cry then she will cut the onions to cry. Katha says to Nirija that she can share with her anything especially when she feels low and she don’t have to use onions for that. Nirija obliges. She then suggests Katha to do the same which shocks the latter. Nirija asks Katha to cry if she wants also don’t hold back her emotions. Katha says that she don’t want to cry but want to express her anger.

Nirija encourages her to do it and suggests her to tear the paper’s. Katha gets confused but does it after Nirija’s persuasion. She feels relaxed after tearing the paper’s. Nirija asks her to tell the man’s name who she is angry with. Katha asks her how she knows then tells it’s Viaan Raguvanshi who is her boss angering her this way. She further adds that she resigned her job and realises about her current state and gets upset. Nirija notices it so she asks Katha whether she is looking for a job? Katha tells her about her job hunt. Nirija advices her to make sure that her new boss understands and cares about her and indirectly let’s her know that Viaan visited her house also gave her an apology letter. Katha gets upset. Nirija makes a joke which Katha calls it a bad one and starts laughing with Nirija. She then says to Nirija that she is like her mother and hugs her.

Kailash and Kavita is on their way to home. Kailash scolds Kavita for leaving the house not informing anyone about her whereabouts though. Kavita says she went to meet her friend’s also her phone is in silent mode. Kailash reveals that he is tracking her phone which angers Kavita. He further vent out his anger on her for not caring about him because of which he might have had heart attack. Kavita tells him nothing such would happened shocking Kailash. After returning home Kavita tells Kailash that he only cares about him and confronts him for tracking her phone without her knowledge. She then tells him that Kailash become selfish and only thinking about him because of which he even asked her to leave the house if she wants to talk to Katha and Aarav. She then thanks Kailash for giving a place in house also wishes she gets back the Kailash who cares about other’s then leaves. Kailash looks on.

The next day Viaan is typing a message in his phone. Ehsan arrives there and asks him why did Katha resigned the job also what happened in Dubai. Viaan tells him Katha didn’t resigned the job. Ehsan asks him then why Katha is searching for a job also informs him that he learned this information through Chandra Parikh with the latter’s help only Katha is looking for a job. He then asks again Viaan what happened in Dubai. Viaan tells him nothing also says that whatever it is he will manage it. He further tells Ehsan to not to interfere in this matter. Ehsan gets furious and tells Viaan that he is always there whenever both Katha and Viaan had a disagreements and now he is asking not to interfere which isn’t fair. He further tells that they both are partner’s so he wants to know what went wrong because of which Katha decides not to work with them again. Viaan refuses to tell anything so Ehsan starts telling Viaan about Katha’s importance then ends up confessing his feelings for her. Viaan taunts Ehsan then asks him what he will do if someone else is in Katha’s life. Ehsan tells Viaan the only other man who is in Katha’s life is him and torturing her. He also says that he will remove whoever it is from Katha’s life then leaves the cabin. Viaan gets upset.

Katha watches Aarav playing and gets happy. She then goes to work something in her laptop just then Viaan calls her. Katha disconnects Viaan’s calls then ends up blocking his number. Viaan gets shocked. He then calls Chandra and asks him how can he help Katha get a new job when she is working under him. Chandra praises Katha and her works. He then advices Viaan. Viaan pleads with Chandra to do him a favor. Other side Aarav and Nirija returns home after playing cricket. Katha aids Aarav’s wound and gets upset when the latter talks about birthday gifts. She sends Aarav inside while Nirija asks is she thinking about giving up her resignation decision. Katha receives a call from Chandra who asks her to meet him in an hour which makes Katha happy also she gets hopeful.

Precap: Katha agrees to meet Ehsan but tells him to not to bring Viaan with him. Ehsan tells Viaan that he is going to meet Katha as he want her in his life. Later Katha expresses her joy to Chandra thinking he is going to hire her. Chandra points at her behind. Katha follows his sign and gets shocked seeing Viaan there. Kavita tells Katha the party is conducted to spend more time with them. During party Katha is busy talking to someone. Viaan arrives there.

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