Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th January 2023 Written Update: Aarav discovers a trick to kill Dubru

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the romantic moment between Simar and Aarav. Ahead, when Dubru tries to spread some magical dust on Simar, Simar holds a ball which reflects the dust upon other jokers and they becomes senseless. Dubru is beaten by that baton and looses his sense. Aarav and Simar hug each other and stare at each other, they both feel the warmth of their heart and say “I love you” to each other.

Simar tells how Dubru has captivated Vivaan and spells him bound. They have to save him quickly. Simar takes up the key from the pocket of Dubru. Aarav suddenly suggests that if those jokers aren’t kill, they will disturb them again. They have to kill all those evils permanently. Then Aarav recalls when he was coming Debojit gifted him a scissor. They at first don’t understand how would they use that scissor. Simar realises that Dubru, is a soft toy, which has a evil spirit. When Aarav was fighting with Dubru, his hand breaks down. Simar is offered the scissor by Aarav and asks her to kill all those evil jokers. Suddenly, Dubru appears in front them, and blabbers for taking revenge. He is caught by Aarav, and Simar stabs the scissor on his chest. And Dubru dies finally.

Killing Dubru, Aarav and Simar hug together. Magically, others jokers also vanish when the joker is killed. Simar and Aarav open the mirror with the key, and come in Oswaal family. When they appear, they can’t see anybody, gets shocked. But when she enters in the room of Badima, all the others become so happy and relieved. Badima consoles Simar and congratulate both of them. Simar is hugged by Reema and describes how Vivaan has changed. They both describe how dangerous and demonic that world is. All the other of members get shocked to see Vivaan. Chitra requests Simar to give a solution for Vivaan. Debojit says if he doesn’t kill anyone, he wouldn’t able to calm.

Simar says she will go by herself, if Vivaan doesn’t turn into human. When others forbid her to do so, Simar says Vivaan drunk that soup for her sake. So it’s her duty now to save him. Simar pledges her family members, that she will save him surely. When Aarav asks how would she save Vivaan, Simar says she has one plan. She expands her hand and all the members join their too and take the name Matarani.

In the next scene, all the members murmur with name of Matarani, then Vivaan appears with his outrageous form. Then Simar steps forward with a auspicious plate to him and spreads all the colour dust on him. Vivaan is covered by the colours and steps forward with a knife. When finally Vivaan goes to stab with the knife, they pull the statue in front him and continues stabbing it. When finally he gets tired, he loses the sense.

When all the members ask him for waking up, Simar calls with the name of Vivaan. He gets normal behaviour, he is hugged by everyone, finally Reema hugs him. Here Chitra embraces Simar for acknowledging her courage. Simar also admires the brevity of Vivaan. Badima suggests other that no one will discuss about this horrific incident in front of him, if he comes to know that he tried to harm his own family, he will have repercussions for the rest of the life. Then Debojit is appreciated by Badima. Simar is asked to clean the house from that evil touch. Simar then keeps her head on the lap of Badima, is appreciated for her extreme brevity.
Episode ends.

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