Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 23rd July 2022 Written Update: Omg!! Shivangi cries during her stunt..

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 23rd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit announcing that the week is a partner stunt week and Nishant, Sriti, Kanika, Jannat, Shivangi and Chetana have the benefit of choosing their partners. Nishant chooses Tushar, Sriti chooses Mohit, Kanika chooses Rubina, Jannat chooses Pratik, Shivangi chooses Faisu and finally Chetana is left with Rajeev.

Rohit announces the first stunt for Jannat and Pratik vs Sriti and Mohit. Two cars with one normally preset while on the top of it another car is placed in the upside down position. Both are connected together. One partner must be present in the normal car with controls of accelerator and brake while the other partner present in the upside down car will have the control of steering wheel. They both should co ordinate to ride the car. They should start from the starting part and many red barrels will be present on the way. They must hit the barrels on the way and each barrel will gain them two points.

A truck will be present before them and some more barrels will be rolled down from the truck too. If they manage to hit the barrel too they would get one point for each barrel. The stunt ends when they reach the finishing line. First Pratik and Jannat performs the stunt with Jannat controlling the brakes and accelerator and Pratik controlling the steering. They manage to score 19 points and completes the stunt. Next Sriti and Mohit performs the stunt with Sriti taking the control of brakes and accelerator while Mohit takes the control of steering. They too complete the stunt and gained 25 points emerging out as the winner. Jannat and Pratik gets fear funda.

Rohit announces the next stunt for Shivangi and Faisu vs Chetana and Rajeev. He gave an advantage task to both the partners but none could complete it. Rohit explains the stunt to the contestants. A big rod is shown with irregular pattern. Another rod with two ends is a attached to the rod. One end of the rod must be held by one partner and the other end by other partner. They must mice the rod without touching the primary rod. If they touch the primary rod they would experience heavy current. It has two parts.

The contestant has to cross atleast primary part and the secondary part is the finishing part. After that they must pick the flags in the end to complete the stunt. Shivangi and Faisu performed first but Shivangi couldn’t surpass even the primary part as she couldn’t handle the current. They aborted the stunt for medical reasons and both gets fear funda. Chetana and Rajeev next performed the stunt and they passed the primary part and so emerged out as the winners.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the remaining contestants – Kanika and Rubina vs Nishant and Tushar. Before that Nishant and Tushar performs a fun stunt where they both were given electric bands and one contestant must see what’s in a box and the other must guess it. Nishant manages to guess only one while they got multiple shocks. Rohit explains the stunt for them. A herd of pigs were present and the contestants must take a lemon in their mouth from the box of lemons. They must crawl from one end to another among the herd and must put it in the box in the other end.

The timing for the stunt is 15 minutes and the partners who takes the maximum lemons will be declared the winner. A minus point will also be given for dropping the lemons. First Kanika and Shivangi perforns the stunt and collects 22 lemons. Next Nishant and Tushar performs the stunt where Nishant got bitten by pigs. They collected 27 lessons and two got minus but still their count was 25. Nishant and Tushar emerge out as winner while Kanika and Rubina gets fear funda.

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