Khatron Ke Khiladi 28th June 2020 Written Update: Contestants perform the underwater stunt

Khatron Ke Khiladi 28th June 2020 Written Update on


The episode starts with Rohit having fun with contestants. Later he explains about the task. The first task is a partner stunt where the contestants will lie tagged in chain with each other. Their heads will bounded in a box with creepy crawlies inside the box. The contestants who are tied with chains have to move crawling with their back facing the ground and reach from one end to another. After reaching the end the contestant have to release their head from the box bh unscrewing the nails of the box. For the partner stunt Karan and Darmesh, Shivin and Tejasswi and Balraj and Karishma are paired together.

Karan and Darmesh performs the stunt first but Karan tries aborting unable to breathe. Later after lots of pacifying by Rohit they starts performing the task. They both manage to reach the end but Karan is unable to unscrew the nails and thus aborts the task. Next Tejasswi and Shivin performs the stunt. Tejasswi first unscrews herself and completes the stunt. Next Shivin unscrews himself too and completes the stunt. Finally Karishma and Balraj performs the stunt and completes it too.

It’s declared that Balraj and Karishma are the winners as they have completed the task in less time. Since Karan aborted the task, he gets fear gunda joining Karishma.
Rohit and the contestants play a prank on Balraj before a water stunt. Rohit explains the next stunt for the fear gunda contestants. The contestants gets locked up in a cage dipped in pool. The contestants should unlock the cage by unscrewing the levers attached to it while the cage keeps getting drowned with time. After unlocking the contestant should touch the board to complete the stunt.

Karishma gets the privilege to choose her partner and she chooses Tejasswi. Followed by them is Karan and Darmesh
First Karan and Darmesh performs the stunt but Karan aborts it unable to handle. Later Tejasswi and Karishma performs the stunt and they completes it too.

Precap : Tejasswi is punished terribly. Karan and Shivin performs a creepy crawlies stunt.