Komolika’s Game Over in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

As reported earlier, Komolika track in the sow is marching towards it end. So far, in the story Anurag was figuring out how to confess his feelings to Prerna. He was trying the way in his room to initiate the talk with Prerna. Anupam comes to him and informs Prerna has come go and talk. Anurag calls Prerna to meet him. There Anupam brings Nivedita to show how Anurag will propose Prerna. Anurag was about say I Love You to Prerna but at the same time Komolika arrives. Prerna and others gets shocked Komolika.

Komolika comes there with her father, brother and inspector. Mohini asks her to get lost from her house. Komolika says she is not here to go easily. Komolika says she is obsessed but not a fool like them. Chaubey asks Inspector to arrest everyone for hurting his daughter. Anupam asks for the warrant. Chaubey says his orders are warrant only. Komolika says to police to take everyone and especially to Prerna.

Lady inspector comes forward to take Prerna but Anurag shouts and stops them. Anurag says to Komolika that he was well aware with her intentions so he too had done pre planning. He shows CCTV to Komolika and everyone present there. Komolika gets shocked.

Later, Anurag shows a recording to Chaubey and says he was aware with Komolika’s intention thus he recorded this video and has forwarded to his manager too. He says no sooner media will cover their arrest news his manager will viral Komolika video where she was seen threating Prerna to kill her.

Further in the story will see, Komolika will get shocked seeing the video. Chaubey will slap her and put her behind the bars. Komolika will be arrested but soon she will be back and in a fight with Prerna, Komolika and Prerna both will fall off from the terrace.

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