Krishna believes Radhe in Krishna Chali London

Show Krishna Chali London will soon shut its curtain in the coming month but before that show is witnessing high voltage drama.

Krishna believes Radhe in Krishna Chali London

Current track is focusing on Veer who is trying his best to expose impostor Radhe otherside Krishna started to believe that he is Radhe only after few incidents.

Veer tries to convince Krishna, not to believe in Radhe as she herself knows he is not Radhe. Krishna asks Veer to stay away from her family matter. Veer says you care for me thus you want me to stay away. Krishna says if you think that way then for that sake only stay away. Veer and Krishna shares an eye lock. Back to home Radhe is confused thinking Krishna will accept him or not. Shukala supports Radhe and says Krishna is his wife and she will support him at any cost. Lali too encourages Radhe and says many things changed but his love for Krishna is the same.

Krishna questions Radhe to explain when she returned back from London, she was carrying Radhe’s dead body, and how this happened. Radhe gave her the explanation Krishna still doubts him recalling Veer’s words. Radhe and Krishna goes for the party and Radhe proposes Krishna in front of all. Krishna goes away from there without saying anything.

What will be Krishna’s reaction to Radhe’s proposal? What Veer will do next to expose imposter Radhe? Well for all the answers, keep watchin Krishna Chali London on Star Plus.

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