Krishn to take one of the strongest avatar to save Radha: RadhaKrishn

Star Bharat show RadhaKrishn is currently witnessing high voltage drama when Kans sends Timirasur to end the love from the world. Krishna and Timirasur fights again each other. Other side Radha pulse started dropping. Balram gets worried.

Krishn to take one of the strongest avatar to save Radha: RadhaKrishn


Timirasur provokes Krishna by saying he heard he is magician and asked him to show his magic. Timirasur attacks Krishna and he bears it. Timirasur claims that Krishna is not so powerful to bear his attacks. Krishna tells him that he can’t vanish love from the world until Radha is alive. He says love is still present in Radha. Meanwhile Kans enjoy watching the leaves which is continuously falling from the love tree. He gets happy thinking he can’t wait more for the day when Krishna losses all her power and die.

Now ahead in the story, with Timirasur continuous attach Krishana will start falling weak. Balram will come to help him. Later, left with no option Krishna will decide to use Sudarshan Chakra. He will say to save Radha and the entire universe, he has to take the form of his strongest avatar. Timirasur will get a shock seeing Krishna’s new avatar. He will learn that Krishna is no one other than Narayan himself. He will regret for provoking him but Krishna in his strongest avatar will kill him.

Balram and Krishna will rush to meet Radha. They will find Radha’s health is deteriorating. And at the other end people will fight to the extent. Balram will ask what is happening then Krishna will explain him that this is the sign of end of love on earth and only Radha can revive love by reviving it in her heart.

How Radha gains consciousness back will be interesting to watch.

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