Veer to get free from jail: Krishana Chali London

High voltage drama is going on in Star Plus show Krishana Chali London with Radhe’s return.

Veer to get free from jail: Krishana Chali London

In the show Krishana Chali London, Radhe’s returned back home but Krishana doubts he being the real Radhe. Krishana says she don’t understand how the guy is behaving like Radhe. Later, everyone gets to know that Radhe is at Krishana’s house.

Krishana was about leave for hospital but Shuklain entered and scolds her for hiding his son from him. Shuklain cries and hugs Radhe. Krishana gets irked and tried to made them understand that this guy can’t be Radhe as Shukla Ji took radhe for final rites. This man can’t be Radhe but Shuklain once again asked her to keep quiet. She says that he is her son and no one can recognize him more than her. She will also tell everyone that in her dream Radhe came and he told her he would return back to her. Shukla gets agree with her and accepts him as his son. Shuklain asks Radhe to come back home. Radhe refuses to go without Krishana.

Further, in the episode will see Sunaina will come to Shukla house and she will ask them to set Veer free from jail. She will say they made Veer to go jail for murdering Radhe but Radhe is alive and back so she will ask them to take back the case.

Sunaina will also threaten them, that she will drag them to the court if they don’t free her son from jail.

It will be interesting to watch, what happens next in Krishana Chali London. Do this guy is real Radhe or someone has planned against Krishana and her family?. To know more keep watching Krishana Chali London, Mon-Fri, 9pm on Stay Plus.

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