Krishna Chali London: Shukala comes to know about Radhe’s identity

High voltage drama ahead in Krishna Chali London with Shukala meeting with an accident and learning about Radhe’s truth.

In Star Plus show Krishna Chali London, Veer and Krishna join hands to expose impostor Radhe. Veer records Radhe’s dance. Sunaina calls Radhe and ask him to come and meet her. Radhe says he is celebrating Eid and will talk to her later. Sunaina worries thinking Veer and Mohan meeting to each other. She says both went for the Eid celebration and prays that they won’t be celebrating EID at the same place. Here, Shukala too goes after Radhe.

Otherside, Radhe and Bilal see Veer. Both hit him on his head. Krishna shouts for Veer. Shukala comes there and hears Radhe and Bilal’s planning. He get stunned knowing about Mohan’s truth and started beating him. Radhe and Bilal runs. Shukala calls Gajanan and informs about Radhe and his fraud act. Gajanan gets shocked hearing him meanwhile, someone hits Shukala and he gets injured.

Further in the episodes we will see, Shukala ji will met with an accident after knowing truth about impostor Radhey. Here, Veer will agree to operate Shukala. Shukala will be seriously wounded by the accident and will slip into coma. Meanwhile, imposter Radhe will fear getting exposed, as Veer will discover that Sunaina is backing Mohan.

What next happens in Krishna Chali London will be interesting to watch. How Mohan will be exposed and what will be Veer’s reaction after he will come to know about Sunaina, well, time will only tell. Keep watching Krishna Chali London mon-fri on Star Plus.

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