Raghbir is still not over from Bani’s memories: Bepanah Pyaar

Colors TV newly launch Bepanah Pyar is a story of love, revenge and betrayal.

In the episodes, ‘Kya Hua Tera Wada’ plays, Raghbir tells Bani that he loves this song. Bani tell Raghbir, she loves the place and runs out of the cottage. Raghbir ask Bani to stop but she loses balance and falls down the cliff. Raghbir shouts for her and wakes up in his room.

Otherside, Misha is all excited to start her new life with Raghbir. She gets ready for the wedding. Raghbir gets the flashes of his moments with Bani and gets upset. His mother asks him to be happy as he is getting married again. Raghbir’s brother too makes him understand and ask him to move on in his life. Raghbir thinks of Bani only.

Later, Sukaniya interrupts Raghbir and Misha’s wedding. In the flashback Raghbir is seen telling Sukaniya that he loves her too after Bani.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Ragbhir will not recognize Sukaniya. Devraj and Harshit will ask Misha’s father to trust Ragbir. Meanwhile, Raghbir’s parents ask him to consult a psychiatrist to deal with the memories. Doctor will meet Raghbir and will say its good he come for the treatment. Ragbhir will get angry with his family for sending him to psychiatrist. He will tell everyone that he loves Bani and will also love her. Here, Sukaniya will tell reporters that if someone wants to move on and marry someone else then it’s his decision.

What next will happen in Bepanah Pyaar will be interesting to watch. Do Raghbir is acting smart or he in real misses Bani, well time will only tell, keep watching the show on Colors TV.

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