Krishna to left in dilemma in Star Bharat Radhakrishn…

Star Bharat popular mythological show Radhakrishn is seeing one of the most important chapter of Radha Krishna love story. There is a question aroused in the recent episodes of the show that if there is some power or any source who can abolish the core concept of love from the world? Radha and Krishna are the symbol of true and pure love which is way beyond of any materialistic things of the world.

In the last episode we had seen Ayan and jatila who were trying to brainwash Radha finally realized their mistake and prevent Radha from breaking the love pearls. But Radha who is suffering from another turmoil ask Krishna how come two people love each other who are not even equal in true sense? Kans who was trying to save himself from getting killed by Krishna plotted Jatila and Ayan to provoke Radha against Krishna and his morals. when they refused to do his work he instructed his people to burn alive Jatila and Ayan.

On the other hand Radha says she is Miss fit for Krishna because she is full of defects and wrong doings where as Krishna is free from them he never come its anything which is wrong. As a result sheet throws the pulse and breaks them and also ask Krishna not to follow her if he loves her truly.

In tonight’s episode viewers will get to see Radha’s health is getting worse day by day and Krishna is trying very hard to protect her. On the other hand Kans will send his men to kidnap Yashoda and Keerita.

Balram then will come to Krishna and ask him to choose between his mother and his bloody love. Now it will be interesting to see how Krishna will save his mother and Keerita from Kans and also protect Radha as well.

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