Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi efforts to make Bhola recall his past, Pakhi fails her plan!

Next Kulfi will plan to remind Bhola his past but Pakhi will fail her plan.

Star Plus popular daily Kulfi Kumar Bajewala leaves no stone unturned to hook the audiences on their seats with the high voltage twists and turns.

Kulfi comes to know about Bhola and learns that he has lost his memories.

In the episodes she is trying hard to make Bhola revive his memory but Pakhi is creating hurdle for her. Kulfi along with her friends missions to anyhow reach Bhola. Kulfi changed her get up and goes to meet Bhola. Pakhi recognizes her and later, she exposed Kulfi.

Otherside, Loveleen gets to know that Sikander who is actually Chandan is a drug addict. She worries for him and discusses with Nandini. Nandini suggests her to investigate before confronting her husband.

In the upcoming sequence drama will galore more with Kulfi again making plan to meet Bhola so that she can help him to recall his memory.  Chandan will also come to know that Sikander is still alive and will order his men’s to kill Bhola asap.

Meanwhile, Kulfi will continue her efforts to remind Bhola of his past. She will hear Amyra telling her mother about making photo collage. Idea will click to Kulfi and she too will make collage to show Bhola. Here, Nandini’s mother will try to mislead her. Later, a suspicious Chandan will spot Kulfi near Nargis Park.

Will Kulfi be able to manage Bhola revive his memory? What Pakhi will do next to keep Bhola with her and do Chandan will get successful in killing Bhola. Well, time will only tell. Keep watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala to know more only on Star Plus and anytime on Hotstar,

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