With Mohan getting exposed show Krishna Chali London is marching towards a happy ending!

Star Plus show Krishna Chali London is all set to bid the adieu soon but before that high voltage drama ahead.

Krishna and Veer joins the hand against Mohan and duo gets succeed in exposing Mohan. Manager tells Mohan to sign the papers and transfer will begin. Mohan happily signs the paper and at the same time Veer and Krishna comes. Krishna smartly cancels the transaction. Mohan point’s gun meanwhile, police arrives at the same time and arrests Mohan.

Sunaina apologizes to Krishna and hugs her. Krishna asks her to forget everything and start afresh.

Otherside, Gajanan gets to know that Shukala health is worsening. He calls Krishana and Veer but both of them didn’t receive the call. Shuklain cries for Shukala. Lali consoles her. She ask her to keep faith on God. Shuklain says she knows Lord is testing her faith. But like Radhe returned back to her, same way Shukala will also get well soon. Lali gets upset thinking how will Shuklain react after getting to know about Mohan.

Further, Inspector will call Krishna and will inform that they have escaped. Later, Krishna will get a call from Mohan and  he will threaten Krishna and will demand money in exchange for the hostages. Later, Mohan will hold Veer at gunpoint and a helpless Krishna will look for a solution.

What is Mohan Upto? How Krishna will save Veer from his trap and what will be Shuklain reaction after learning impostor Radhe’s truth. How everyone will be reunited in the show Krishan Chali London which is soon going to shut down the curtains, will be interesting to watch.

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