Kulwant to wish for Seher’s death: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing reunion track of Meher, Sarabjit and their kids. In the upcoming episodes, it will be worth to watch how Meher will save her family from Kulwant and marriage from Harleen.

In the last episode, Harleen fell down on floor and scolded Seher for eating ice-cream, having fun and making a dirt mess in house. Seher felt bad hearing Harleen’s harsh words. She cried and ran away.

Police reached Dhillon house investigating Sarabjit’s accident case. Kulwant showed a false Fir of missing truck. Kulwant reveals to Bittu that she will not get caught as she has made big arrangements.

Sarab and Meher conversed on call. To check on kids Sarab went to their room and got shocked to know that Harleen scolded Seher. He searched for Seher in whole house in tension.

In between his search he got a bad leg pain. Samaira reached there and care for Sarab. Sarab got angry on Harleen for scolding Seher.

Sarab and Param hid about Seher being missing from Meher. Bittu and Ranna heard Sarab’s call in Police station and informed about Seher being kidnapped to Yuvi.

Samaira stopped Harleen from telling Meher about Seher. Yuvi informed about Seher’s kidnapping to Kulwant. Karan failed to reveal to Sarab about Seher being in house only.

Karan informed Seher about Police searching for her. Family found Karan scared. Param understood that Karan is hiding something. Harleen asked Inspector to find Seher as Sarab is tensed. Karan asked Seher to hide till police goes and said he will talk with Sarab after that.

In the upcoming episode, Sarab will reach Dhillon house with Police and ask Dhillons about Seher. Kulwant will deny knowing anything about Seher. She will anger Sarab by wishing for Seher to die.

According to predictions by sources Sarab may get paralyzed in future and may be seen on wheel chair. It can be said considering doctors words to Harleen about Sarab receiving side effects of accident in future. Secondly, Sarab is seen in pain too these days.

It can also be predicted that Kulwant will also restart her political party against Sarab’s political party and offer some truck facility from Yuvraj (Yuvi) Transports. See video:

Will Sarab get angry on Karan and Seher for scaring him this much? Will Meher be able to remove murderer tag from herself? Will Kulwant and Harleen fall more than this to trouble Meher? Will Param help Karan and Seher to get saved from Harleen in Meher’s absence?

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