Sathya 12th March 2021 Written Update: Prabhu ignores Sathya

Sathya 12th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya is waiting for Prabhu in her room. She thinks why is he late today? She dials Prabhu’s number. He ignores her call in guilt. She again calls him. He attends it this time. Sathya says to him that she wants to take dinner out with him. Prabhu replies to her let’s see. Sathya says to him that she is waiting for him so he must take her out. Prabhu cuts the call. Sathya doubts why did he cut the call? Later she thinks it may be a signal problem.

Indhumathi comes there to invite her for dinner. Sathya refuses to take dinner reasoning that Prabhu is coming. Indhumathi questions her Doesn’t she feel hungry? She replies to her as yes but she is going out with Prabhu to take dinner together. Indhumathi feels happy for her and asks her to enjoy with him. She leaves from there to take dinner. Sathya thinks about how will she wait for him patiently. She stares at Prabhu’s picture and takes Drishti of him.

Prabhu driving the car and stops it in the middle. He comes out of the car. He starts thinking about the drawing. Where it went? He doubts who took it from his table or he missed it somewhere else? Sasi comes there and notices Prabhu there. Sasi questions Prabhu why did he standing here instead of going home? Prabhu replies to him that he is not in his correct mind to think. He doubts where is that drawing? Sasi asks him to stop worrying about it and go back to the house. If his love is true it will reach back to him.

Prabhu nods and leaves from there. Sathya is waiting for Prabhu. Indhumathi comes there and notices Sathya there. She questions her why is she here? She replies to her that Prabhu didn’t reach the home yet. Indhumathi gets angry after hearing it. She dials to him just then Prabhu’s car reaches there.

Indhumathi stops Prabhu and questions him why is he late today? Sathya is waiting for him to go out. Prabhu replies to her that he didn’t confirm to go with her. Indhumathi complained that she informed him about it then why did he late today? Anitha, Sadashivam feels happy to see the scene. Prabhu says to Indhumathi that he is already mood off so don’t disturb him. Indhumathi scolds Prabhu for making Sathya suffer and wait for him. She complaints that he is not giving respect to her feelings at all.

Prabhu leaves in frustrate mode. Prabhu asks to Sathya why is she waiting for him. Sathya stands adamant to go out. Prabhu asks her to eat dinner but she takes it for him too. She forces him to eat with her hand. She gives a head massage to him. Prabhu feels happy for her. Sathya finds Prabhu is missing in her room morning itself. Selvi informs to her that he left to office. Sathya doubts what’s bothering Prabhu?

Anitha and Veerasingham comes there. Anitha questions Sathya why did she standing here silently? Sathya glares at her. Anitha asks to Veerasingham Is he know the reason behind her silent mode? He replies to her as yes though he wishes to hear it from Anitha’s mouth. Anitha says to him that Prabhu is ignoring Sathya that’s why she is like this. She is very happy to see Sathya in this state. Sathya warns Veerasingham that already she is in bad mood. If he irritates her like this she will lose her control. Anitha asks her Is she threatens her? Sathya glares at her.

Episode end.