Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2020 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya meet each other at the Gold shop

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Episode starts with Rhea asks about Ranbir opinion for marriage. Ranbir agrees which makes everyone happy. Rhea happily hugs Meera. Mitali goes to get sweets. Pallavi congratulate Rhea. Vikram asks Why happiness is not visible in Abhi face. Abhi says he is happy. Mitali feeds sweets to everyone. Rhea asks Abhi to take Meera for shopping. Abhi asks Meera to come with him for shopping. Meera agrees. Dadi thinks Ranbir is not looking happy like Abhi, seems like he loves someone.

Pragya says she waits outside the shop saying she is not feeling good. Saritha asks her to come inside. Some men goes inside dashing Pragya. Prachi scolds them. One of them tries to Prachi but other one says sorry and goes inside hurriedly.

Shopkeeper asks Tony why he bought new ones for their work. Tony says other workers are leave so trust these people because I know them. Gold shop owner agrees Because of Tony who saved his life previously and he tells them to handle their big client Abhi who is coming to showroom.

At showroom Pragya takes Prachi aside. Manager asks what they needed. Saritha asks about her chain which she gave fir repair work. Manager takes them. Pragya asks why you fought with them? I feel those people are not good so stay away from those kind of people. Abhi too enters sane shop with Rhea and Meera, he gives Rhea card what they wanted but she denies saying he must pay than he agrees and goes to meet shop owner Amit.

Ranbir cries reminscing how his life is changing for his mother. His inner soul asks him to forget Prachi for his Mom. Aliya goes to Ranbir and asks him to accompany her for business meeting. Ranbir agrees.

Tony friends asks how he fooled Shopowner.Tony tells the how he fooled Shoppwner to gain his trust. Tony friends says he don’t know that we came to stole everything at his shop so let’s go to antique section. They goes.

Abhi meets Shop owner Amit. Amit says I got to know about your marriage through Aliya Mam and I will show the perfect necklace set. Abhi asks him to show it to her daughter. Amit sees Prachi and Pragya in place of Rhea. Abhi goes than shopkeeper calls Pragya. Prachi goes to Saritha. Pragya goes near Shopkeeper. Abhi senses Pragya presence and says Pragya. Here Pragya too says Haan ji, both searches eachother.

Saritha scolds manger for not repairing her chain in last 10 days. Manager says their employee will set it than he gets call from shop owner to attend Abhi. Shahana and Saritha won’t allow manger to leave than he promised them to pay 1k if their chain won’t get repaired in 30minutes. They agrees. Manager tells to workers that Abhi is here in shop. Tony checks Abhi profile in net and he goes out to get his card from car.

Prachi takes Shahana and Saritha with her. Pragya sees her saree hot strucked to flowers and goes from that place. Abhi holds someone saree pallu and he apologizes to her. That lady asks for his autograph, he leaves signing love you Pragya.

Shop owner asks his worker to show the best jewellery to Pragya. Pragya comes to him. Shop owner makes Pragya sit. Prachi too comes with Saritha. Shop owner asks them to try the items and leaves. Pragya tries to deny but Saritha and Shahana agrees to try the jewellery. Pragya leaves saying she is not interested. Prachi too leaves than Shahana and Saritha tries the jewellery while drinking juice.

Tony dashes with Abhi and says he is his biggest fan. Abhi says ok. Tony thinks to use Abhi as their second plan to escape from showroom. Abhi talks in call. Pragya goes in that way and sees Abhi. Both sees eachother. Abhi says you’re the reason of my worry and I’m marrying Meera because of you but Pragya leaves without listening to him. Abhi turns and sees Pragya is gone.

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