Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2024 Written Update: Monisha warns RV

Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Purvi asking Monisha who is she. Monisha says she is her co-wife. Monisha says she is just joking. Monisha says she just wanted to see her surprised expression. RV leaves from there. Monisha calls for RV. Harleen asks Deepika to allow RV to leave and says they can call RV later. Deepika agrees.


Monisha comes to RV and says to RV that his taste is really bad when it comes to looks and comments on it. RV asks Monisha why is she still angry even after he told the truth to her. Monisha says to RV that he got married and it’s not just a small thing and says it will take time for her to adjust. RV agrees. Monisha says to RV that Purvi is like white colour and it symbolises purity. Monisha warns RV not to fall for Purvi.

Yug says to Dadaji that he never witnessed anything like this in live and it is his first time and he is excited about it. Monisha comes and asks if the Mu Dikhai ritual is over. Deepika asks Hermal not to worry and says she took care of everything.

Monisha asks the guests what’s next. There is a ring finding game. Monisha says they should celebrate in another way and asks Purvi if she will dance with her. Purvi says she will not dance. Monisha seeing this asks Deepika to dance with her.

Monisha and Deepika dance to a song. Harleen after the dance performance says they should start ring finding game and she asks Vaishali to arrange it. Vaishali agrees and leaves from there.

Prachi sees that Diya is crying and asks Diya if she is missing Purvi. Diya says yes and says to Prachi that she is really missing Purvi.

Dadi says to all the guests the importance of this ring-finding ceremony. Dadi says the person who wins in this game will have the upper hand in the marriage.

RV and Purvi play the first round and in the first round RV wins the game. Hermal and all the gents of the Malhotra family say to the ladies that from today onwards men will have the upper hand in the marriage. RV and Purvi start the next round. Purvi wins the second round.

Monisha thinks if Purvi wins the third round Purvi will have the upper hand in the marriage so she finds the ring and shows it to everyone. The guest asks Monisha why did she play this game and says this is the game of husband and wife. Monisha comments on it. Harleen reminds Monisha that she is just a friend of RV not sister in law. Monisha says she wants to be the wife of RV not sister in law.

Episode ends.

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