Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2020 Written Update: Rhea forgives Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Ranbir caughts Sanju and beats him but Sanju escapes from him with his Friend Bittu on his bike. Prachi calls Ranbir and asks where he went. Ranbir says he is out than Prachi says she is leaving to home. Ranbir asks her to wait so he can drop her. Prachi agrees. Ranbir thinks to informs Prachi everything after 2 days.

Rhea cries badly while reminscing her moments with Pragya. Pragya goes to Rhea and wipes her tears. Rhea says don’t show me your fake love and leaves from that place.

Ranbir takes Prachi and her family to their home in his car. Saritha takes Shahana with her to inside. Prachi asks why he looks tensed. Ranbir thinks I can’t tell you that Sanju came to kill you because it may make you get tensed. Prachi says it’s fine if you won’t tell me,i won’t force you and she goes out when Ranbir sees his call. Ranbir thinks she went inside without inviting him. Saritha says Pragya didn’t reach to home and asks Prachi where is Ranbir. Prachi says maybe he left. Saritha scolds Prachi for not inviting him and she asks Shahana to call Ranbir inside.

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Ranbir waits thinking Prachi may call him and at that time Shahana calls him inside to have tea. Ranbir says he is busy because of guests at home and leaves saying he will come next time than Prachi stops his car and asks him to come inside. Shahana tells to Prachi that he is busy but Ranbir happily agrees which shocks Shahana. They goes inside.

Pragya asks Rhea to stop. Rhea says why to stop and what you need. Pragya says she needs her daughter back. Rhea says I’m not your daughter because you left me and won’t love me because I never feel your love. Pragya says it’s my mistake and I’m apologizing you for it and you became like this because of me. Rhea says I’m not your daughter because I’m bad and you told me that I’m killer of my sister. Pragya says your anger is correct but I always loved you equally like Prachi and I have to blame myself for your behaviour because bits my mistake.

Abhi prays god to unite Pragya and Rhea so he can get his daughter Prachi too and we can become happy family  hope you’re listening to me god. Dadi assures him that God will fulfill his wishes for sure. Dadi says let’s go and check what’s happening between them. Abhi says he is nervous than Dadi says she will inform him.

Pragya cries saying I couldn’t fulfill my duty as your Mom and because of our one decision you and Prachi beared the consequences but I love you so much and you can vent out your frustration on me because I need my daughter back. Rhea says I felt angry on birthday’s because you celebrate with Prachi and you’re not with me. Pragya says no every birthday I used to prepare cupcakes for you thinking you may like them like your Dad and Prachi likes Kheer.

 Rhea says she likes Cupcakes. Pragya says I used to wish you prior than Prachi and I saved every birthday gift for you and I never forget you even for a second. Rhea asks why she didn’t came to meet her. Pragya says I thought you hate me that’s why I didn’t tried to meet you. Rhea cries saying her hate start from her love because I missed you Mom. Pragya and Rhea happily hugs eachother. Pragya apologies to Rhea. Rhea says I will forgive you but promise me that you won’t leave me. Pragya promise her that she won’t leave her. Dadi feels happy seeing them and Aliya gets angry.

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