Kundali Bhagya 19th November 2020 Written Update: Karan shows his care towards Preeta

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Episode begins with Mahira says Luthra’s messing with her mind that she even forget the way to her room and wonders why they are not accepting her as their daughter in law and says they didn’t accept Preeta also as their daughter still they didn’t throw her out of the house. She recalls how Luthra’s got worried for Preeta when she could not able to stand because of weakness and says she can understand Rakhi’s love but today she saw love and care in Dadi’s eyes too for Preeta and it didn’t seemed like she is faking it and what if Karan too starts to love Preeta then what will happen to her.

 She sees Karan and moves towards him and says seems like he is tensed about something. He replies her saying nothing like that. She says she is not Preeta and can clearly understand that something is bothering him and asks what’s that. He says when she said she is going to keep fast for him he didn’t thought she was serious about it that time.

She says whenever she talks anything related to him everything is serious only and says he may think she will leave after some time but that won’t happen because she loves him so much and until she proves that to everyone she won’t go anywhere from here and will stay with him.

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He moves from her saying she is coming so close to him. She again moves towards him saying they are husband and wife so she can do this. He thinks she is nothing for him and wants to tell her to stay away from him and feels helpless because he can’t say that to her now. He thinks she may commit suicide again if he says anything now, he doesn’t want to hurt his family in any way that’s why he is tolerating her now.

 She says she feels like he is running away from her. He says he has lot of female fans and he respects woman so she should think before acting in this way and says he doesn’t know how to explain this and tells her to take care of her and leaves from there. She thinks he respects her too and she will get him for sure.

Sherlyn says she should not have informed Prithvi that she revealed about her pregnancy to Luthra’s. She says he loves her so much and she too loves him but he makes her angry too and says it’s happening because they are not together so once they gets revenge from Luthra’s they will stay together happily. She tells her baby that she will take revenge from Rishab with Mahira’s help and smirks.

Mahira says she is hungry and no one will help her today and asks why will anyone tell her to eat when she said that she is keeping fast for Karan. She says she is Karan’s real wife and they completes the fasting no matter what and prays to God to give her strength to tolerate this hunger.

Rishab thinks he should be happy or tensed he is not understanding it. Karan asks what happened to him. Rishab scolds him unnecessarily. Karan understood his mood is off and apologize to him. Rishab hugs him and apologize to him and asks about Preeta. Karan asks what happened to Preeta. Rishab says she was upset after sargi that’s why he asked.

Karan leaves from there to check her. Preeta wonders why Rishab didn’t reacted for Sherlyn’s pregnancy because she knows that it’s not his baby and gets worried for the baby too thinking what will happen to that baby’s future. She struggles with stomach pain. Karan notices that and says he doesn’t believe in these rituals so he will bring food for her but she should not inform about it to anyone. She stops him saying she believes these rituals so she won’t eat anything now.

Mahira asks Girish about food. He says he put that in fridge. Mahira takes the food and was about to eat but Sherlyn holds her hand. Kareena and Dadi who came there sees that. Kareena says they didn’t force her to keep fasting but now she is eating here. Dadi says Preeta’s health is bad still she is following the rituals.

Episode ends.

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