Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2020 Written Update: Ranbir and his family rushes Pallavi to hospital

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Episode starts with Ranbir leaves downstairs with bags. Beeji assures to Pallavi that She will stop Ranbir. Pallavi sees Ranbir with bags and says so you’re leaving from home. Aryan leaves saying sorry. Ranbir about to leave but Vikram stops him. Ranbir says he don’t have any option left because my world is Prachi and I can’t stay here because you’re against my love.

Vikram and Beeji tries to stop him but he won’t listen. Pallavi sats let him leave and one more thing Ranbir you don’t get any property from us if you left from home. Ranbir says keep those things with you, i don’t need money which can keep me away from my love. Pallavi says love can’t fill your stomach and you become poor and can’t even get salary equal to your pocket money than you will know the value of money. Ranbir says I will learn to live poor life but if I can’t even live one day without Prachi. Pallavi asks whether is she important than his family?

If you step out than I will never allow you in house. Ranbir says I’m going out to get my happiness. Pallavi stops Ranbir. Ranbir happily says I know you will accept my love. Pallavi says you’re mistaken, I will die but won’t accept Prachi and don’t come to this home again because I’m breaking our relation. Vikram and Beeji tries to stop but Pallavi won’t listen and says If Ranbir can’t listen to us than why we have to listen to him?

Ranbir says you’re best mom, I’m sorry for paining your heart but I will die but I won’t leave my Prachi and I don’t need anything from this house ,just bless Prachi when we are married. Pallavi says don’t come to this place because I won’t give any Aashirwad so leave from this place. Ranbir promises her that he won’t return to home and leaves.

Pallavi breaksdown holding her heart. Beeji shouts for Ranbir than he comes to Pallavi and asks what happened. Pallavi says you won’t leave me right. Ranbir says he won’t leave her. Pallavi lost her conscious. Vikram shouts Beeji to call doctor immediately.

Meera consoles Rhea saying everything will be fine. Rhea says my fate is bad so nothing good will happen. Meera says your Mom is good. Rhea says my mom is bad that’s why she complained against me. Meera asks her to notice the pain of Pragya. Rhea says her tears are fake and she is not my mother and I dont have any Mom. Meera says I’m taking care of you like Mom and I’m yashoda Mom to you so trust me be everything will be fine. Rhea hugs Meera.

Saritha asks why Pragya looks tensed. Prachi says Mom is just tired. Shahana says Rhea might have done something. Pragya goes to her room and closes the door. Saritha asks her what happened. They hears call and Shahana goes to get the phone. Prachi tries to call Ranbir but he won’t attend the call. Saritha says hope Ranbir Is not in problem because he looks tensed.

Ranbir and his family takes Pallavi to hospital. Ranbir promises to Pallavi that he always stay with her. Pallavi again lost conscious.

Rhea cries badly saying her Mom won’t love her. Meera asks her to don’t cry. Aliya asks her to be strong otherwise Pragya will get another chance to send you to police station so place the reality because you have your Dad and Meera. Rhea sats they are my blood related. Aliya says they hates you. Rhea goes out. Meera asks what if Rhea harms herself. Aliya goes behind Rhea.

Abhi calls Pragya but her mobile is not reachable than he calls Prachi. Saritha asks her to attend the call and asks her to tell Abhi everything. Prachi attends call but Abhi leaves Downstairs when he sees Rhea is going out.

Doctors take Pallavi to ICU. Ranbir cries hugging Beeji and apologies to his Dad and blames himself. Beeji consoles him to stay strong saying your Mom is living for you but can’t bear it when you tries to leave her. Ranbir sees his Mom through mirror and reminsces his moments with her. Shahana says Mr Mehra limes Rhea more than anyone and he won’t listen to others. Pragya cries thinking Rhea words.

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