Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2024 Written Update: Purvi and RV complete their wedding ritual

Kumkum Bhagya 1st February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pandit asking Purvi and RV to stand up for doing Phere. RV and Purvi stand up they do Phere. RV and Purvi do 4 rounds and after that Purvi comes forward and they complete the rest of the 3 Phere. The pandit later asks RV to put vermillion in Purvi’s hair line. RV agrees and takes the Vermillion. RV is about to put the Vermillion. Preeta notices that RV is about to drop the Sindhur but Preeta helps RV and asks RV to be careful saying this vermillion is very valuable as it will join both of them together for lifelong. RV agrees. RV puts vermillion in Purvi’s hairline. The pandit later asks RV to put nuptial chain around Purvi’s neck. RV agrees and puts nuptial chain around Purvi’s neck. The pandit announces that the wedding ritual is completed.


Purvi and RV take the first blessings from Preeta. Preeta says to them that for a marriage love, trust and understanding are important and asks them to always keep it. RV and Purvi agree. Preeta leaves from there. RV and Purvi take blessings from RV’s family. Vikrant’s wife and Nupur warmly welcomes Purvi into the family.

RV and Purvi later take blessings from Tandon family one by one. Manpreet blesses them to be happy. Visakha and Divya also bless them the same way. Prachi gets emotional and hugs Purvi. Purvi also cries seeing Prachi. Prachi puts Purvi’s hand in RV and asks RV to never leave Purvi’s hand. Prachi hopes that both of them will always be happy.

Visakha asks Manpreet to bring the bride farewell ritual things. Manpreet agrees and leaves from there. Purvi says to Prachi that she will never leave her.

Purvi does the bridal farewell ritual. Prachi later hugs Purvi and cries to herself. Prachi asks RV to take really good care of Purvi as her life lies in Purvi. RV assures Prachi that he will take really good care of Purvi. RV also says they can visit their house anytime if they miss Prachi. RV’s family later take Purvi to their home.

RV’s family prepares for the welcome of Purvi. Harleen asks Damini to bring the Kalash. Damini agrees and puts it. Harleen does the warding off evil eye ritual.

Episode ends.

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