Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2024 Written Update: Kareena decides to support Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 1st February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Nidhi tells Kareena that Preeta returned in Karan’s life that’s why Karan is in this state today. She says that Preeta always brings problems in Karan’s life. And says that she is living in Luthra house for many years but she did not get her rights yet. She adds that Kareena used to be Karan’s shield but Kareena changed now. Kareena tells Nidhi that she is still same. She asks Nidhi to call her as maa, not Bua. She says that Karan and Rishabh are her children and she loves so much and she won’t spare the person who hurts them.

Nidhi tells Kareena that the latter has power. She says that it’s Kareena who gave rights to everyone in Luthra house. Kareena tells Nidhi that she will make sure that Nidhi also gets her rights. Nidhi asks Kareena to think before giving this commitment because this commitment is big. Kareena tells Nidhi that she don’t do anything without thinking about it. She says that she know Nidhi sacrificed so much for Luthra family so Nidhi will get her rights. Nidhi gets happy hearing this and she hugs Kareena.

Outside the hospital, Palki asks Mohit that what is bothering Rajveer. She says that she know Mohit know everything but he is hiding the truth from her. She asks him that how can he hide the truth from her. She adds that after learning the truth only she can help Rajveer. Mohit tells Palki that she is important person in his life but he can’t tell her anything. He asks her to ask Rajveer. Rajveer and Palki leaves from the hospital.

Inside the hospital, Nurse tells Shaurya that they tested his blood and he can’t give blood to Karan. Shaurya scolds Nurse. Nurse complains about Shaurya to Doctor. Doctor asks Nurse that what happened. Nurse tells Doctor that they found alcohol components in Shaurya’s blood. Everyone gets shocked hearing this.

Rajveer hugs Preeta. Preeta tells Rajveer that she don’t know which hospital Karan had been admitted so she was just roaming in the city. She asks Rajveer that whether Karan is fine. Rajveer remains silent. She asks him to answer her. She asks Mohit that how is Karan now. Rajveer screams that Karan is fine.

Rishabh asks Shaurya that whether the latter is drunk. Doctor says that they can’t accept Shaurya’s blood. Nidhi says that Shaurya would have drank because of stress. Shaurya says that can see anger and disappointment in everyone’s eyes. Rishabh tells Shaurya that they are not judging the latter, but they are scared for Karan. Daljeet defends Shaurya. Nidhi tells Daljeet that she is there to defend Shaurya. Daljeet asks Nidhi to leave insecurities. Kareena defends Nidhi. Shaurya asks them to stop it. He says that he will prove he is good son and leaves from there. Mahesh tells Rishabh that his blood group did not match with Karan’s blood group.

Preeta tells Rajveer that Karan got shot while saving her. Rajveer tells her that she is not responsible for anything.

Episode ends.

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